Intern Market Researcher

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Languages and Philological Sciences
30 Jan, 2020 to 30 Nov, 2020
1 Jul, 2020

General information

3 months

(Due to COVID 19) we have suspended interviews until further notice we will resume activities once is safe to do so. 

We are an Industrial Market Research Company, with offices in over 18 countries around the globe. Providing high quality industrial data to clients connected to many fields around the world.

We are currently accepting applications for new interns to join our Interns team From July 2020. The ideal candidate must be Allowed to work in Europe without the need of a visa, be fluent in English language with great oral and written Skills and a minimum of one of any of the following languages: German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Italian, Danish 

We will consider only applicants able to engange in internship with a duration of minimun  (3) months up to 8 Months. Full trainning will be provided. Extension of contract can be negotiated.

Job description:

You will be trained to enter new Industrial plants into the system, those plants will be located in Europe and will be connected to industries such as: Food and Beverage, Industrial Manufacturing, Metals & Minerals, Chemical Processing, Refining, Pulp & Paper & Wood, Pharmaceutical and Biotech. All information existent on those plants must be verified via phone call. You will be assigned to specific(s) language(s) and countries based on your linguistic skills.

Financial compensation
English: Proficient User C1
Danish: Proficient User C1
Dutch: Proficient User C1
Finnish: Proficient User C1
French: Proficient User C1
German: Proficient User C1
Italian: Proficient User C1
Spanish: Proficient User C1
Swedish: Proficient User C1