International Sales Executive

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Engineering and/or Technology
Czech Republic
1 Jul, 2024 to 30 Sep, 2024
15 Jul, 2024

General information

3 months

Position: International Sales Executive


Kaufetronics S.R.O is a global supplier of passive and active electronic components. Our ambition is to always strive and deliver quality products and give the best experience to our customers around the world.

Kaufetronics S.R.O is seeking students who have eager to learn more about International sales and equally enjoy the process and its progression.

The International Sales Executive will be working closely with the customer, handling the entire requirements of the customer by coordinating with both purchasing and the logistic team. The ISE also ensures regular communication with the customer on the quote. If you are a person with a natural ability to communicate and understand the customer's need, and if you are ready to receive and implement sales strategies from customer to customer, you will be a suitable candidate for our company.

As International Sales Executive, you can acquire deep insight into the current market scenario, customer relationship management, and time management and also have a huge space for experimenting different sales approaches and ideas.

International Sales Executive: Responsibilities:

1. As an International Sales Executive, the significant role will be in bringing new leads using various campaigning modes.

2. Implementing the learned in your way with complete guidance and support from the sales manager/lead assigned to you.

3. Establish, Develop and Maintain (EDM) positive business and customer relationships.

4. Coordinating with the Purchase and logistics team to complete the order within the lead time promised.

5. Achieving sales targets, generating reports on weekly and monthly activities and forward vertically.

6. In addition to the organization and support of customers, you will take over the processing of your own projects.

7. Good chances of being employed - after completing your work as an intern is the possibility of being employed in a junior position

8. You will support the sales department and take over the correspondence in the respective national language.

9. Keeping a log of everything learned and delivering presentations to staff, management, and your own university and adding them to your learning agreement.

International Sales Executive- Intern Requirements:

1. Self-motivated, and willing to prove and better his/her skills.

2. Cooperative with the team members.

3. Proficiency in any European langue would be a strong advantage.
 (Preferred language: Czech, German, Italy, French, and Spanish)

4. High Interpersonal skills.

No financial compensation
English: Proficient User C2
Czech: Independent User B2
Danish: Independent User B2
Dutch: Independent User B2
Finnish: Independent User B2
French: Independent User B2
German: Independent User B2
Greek: Independent User B2
Irish: Independent User B2
Italian: Independent User B2
Lithuanian: Independent User B2
Polish: Independent User B2
Portuguese: Independent User B2
Slovak: Independent User B2
Slovenian: Independent User B2
Spanish: Independent User B2
Swedish: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: