Business Studies and/or Management Science, Engineering and/or Technology, Social Sciences
United Kingdom
9 Jan, 2021 to 12 Jan, 2021
28 Aug, 2021

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If you want to enter your dream university, looking for scholarships, a job, an internship, you want to apply for an Erasmus+ traineeship scholarship but you haven't found the training that suits you yet, helping you to learn a new language and providing you with resources such as books, you are in the right place.

   We are a company that provides many services to students and graduates to help them achieve your dreams and keep dreaming, 

We have provided our services to more than 100,000 students in more than 27 countries

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These are some of the disciplines that we help students and graduates to obtain paid training in and In the student's favorite country 1. Marketing 2. HR / Industrial Psychology 3. IT / Computer Science 4. Communicatins 5. Actuarial Science 6. Internal Auditing 7. Accounting and Finance 8. Supply Chain Management / Logistics 9. Mathematics 10. Data Science 11. Forensic Science 12. Policing / Criminology / CJS / Victimology / Police Science / Traffic and/or Municipal Policing 13. Law / LLB 14. B.Ed / Education 15. Physics 16. Geology 17. Analytics 18. Chemistry 19. Electrical Engineering 20. Mechanical Engineering 21. Chemical Engineering 22. Civil Engineering 23. Metallurgy 24. Mining 25. Pharmacy 26. Social Work 27. Social Science 28. Environmental Science / Management, Safety and Health, Environmental Affair 29. Business Administration / Management 30. Public Administration / Management 31. Geographical Information Systems (i.e GIS Technician / Analyst) 32. Hospitality Management 33. Geomatics / Surveying 34. GeoTechnical Engineering / Hydrogeology 35. Industrial Engineering 36. Agricultural Management(Plant Production) 37. Political Science / International Relations 38. Consumer Science 39. Biotechnology 40. Microbiology Are you interested ? First visit our website to know how our services work Then send your cv to [email protected]
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