Internship in an animal sanctuary

Agriculture Sciences, Education and/or Teacher Training, Natural Sciences
1 Mar, 2024 to 22 Dec, 2024
30 Aug, 2024

General information

2 months

We are looking for two people to help us take care of the 130 rescued animals (of 15 different species) that we have in the Sanctuary.

The volunteers will collaborate in the care of the animals that live in the Sanctuary, attending to their needs and feeding them.
The work begins first thing in the morning, taking the animals out to the field and taking the opportunity to eat. The areas where they have slept will also be cleaned.
Some of the jobs they have to do include cleaning stables and ponds, storing food and feed, repairing fences, brushing and caring for animals; We will also carry out guided visits to the Sanctuary and events with schools.

We will work approximately between 6 and 8 hours a day resting two day per week.

It will also be among its functions to keep spaces clean and tidy, including common spaces for people.

No financial compensation

Additional Information

The 'Green Heart' Animal Sanctuary was created with the idea of giving an opportunity to animals that have been exploited and objectified. It is a space created to restore the dignity of non-human animals and live with them in a natural environment surrounded by freedom and respect, far from the "productivity" and slavery to which they have been subjected all their lives. 'Green Heart' aims to raise awareness and wants to restore the true natural environment of life of animals.
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