Internship in the area of Migration and European mobility for refugees starting between November '19 and April `20

Humanities, Law, Social Sciences
1 Dec, 2019 to 29 Feb, 2020
30 Nov, 2019

General information

3 months

IMPORTANT: Different starting dates for the internship are possible with the earliest possible starting date being the 01/11/19 and the latest possible starting date being the 01/04/20

As an Intern at migration_miteinander, you will get to know and will be involved in our different activities:

moveurope!- mobility of refugees in the European context:
We organise intercultural youth exchange projects for young people with and without refugee background in Germany and other European countries. We discuss together how we can shape processes of living together and how young people can actively contribute to that aim.
From this year on, the association will as well implement youth worker mobilities to build skills and capacities of professionals of the youth sector.
As an intern, you will support this activity by contributing to logistical and content-related preparation of the projects. Furthermore, you are designating the arrangement of accommodation and the development of an appropriate and entertaining program. You will as well be involved in the youth exchange itself and then in its evaluation and dissemination.

Within the activity of moveurope, we advocate as well actively for the freedom of movement of refugees within the European Union. To that purpose, we concretely support refugees with a residence permit from other European countries in finding an internship, voluntary service or apprenticeship in Germany.
Besides that, MovEurope has the goal to raise awareness on the living conditions of migrants in Europe through the use of different public relations channels (organisation of conferences,  transnational video shoots, information campaigns and much more).
As an intern, you will support refugees in their legal migrate to Germany by assisting them in finding a voluntary service or an apprenticeship in Germany.  Moreover, you will be given the opportunity to join the awareness -raising area and will support the development of different initiatives centred around this topic.
The most important topics to address are the Impact of the Dublin III Regulation in everyday life of a refugee and the precarious conditions that refugees face in countries like Greece, Italy and Spain

Social inclusion of migrants  through empowerment, orientation and peer- to -peer exchange:
In the course of the project Tabadol, we support migrants in building up a self-determined life in the European context and in actively contributing to the host society. At the same time, we also prepare members of the host society for an inclusive living together.
The project has a European approach, and its purpose is to promote exchange and peer-to-peer learning between young people with refugee background and young Europeans.
As part of this project, we offer activities for an autonomous integration into the job market and regularly implement Idea Labs. Idea Labs bring together young people to share their ideas about an inclusive society and train them in developing and implementing their pilot projects that promote solidarity and peaceful living together in multicultural societies.

As an Intern, you will support us in the realisation of all these projects and will be actively involved in the peer-to-peer-learning-activities.


Earliest start date for an internship: 1st of November 2019
Latest start date for an internship: 1st of April 2020
Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Duration of the internship:
At least three months whereas a longer collaboration would be highly appreciated to ensure a real familiarisation with the activities which will guide you in the implementation of your own small projects.

Witten (& Surroundings)

Our office is located near the Center of Witten in the Cörmannstraße. According to the activities that you will be involved in,  you will be active in the whole city of Witten as well as in the surrounding cities, especially Bochum.

Remuneration and Salary:
Since we are a small association, we cannot pay interns. However, the internship is eligible for Erasmus+ funding.


All the necessary information and application form can be found here:


No financial compensation


migration  refugees  mobility  social inclusion  integration  intercultural exchange  

Additional Information

All the necessary information and application form can be found here: Application for the internship is to be done though this form!
English: Independent User B2
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