Internship as a German Language Teacher

Education and/or Teacher Training
31 Jan, 2020 to 31 Dec, 2020
31 Jan, 2020

General information

6 months

We are a 100% motivated language school , wanting to be one of the greatest and stand out in Munich for being the only school with an innovative methodology with 100% motivated teachers, who every day are looking to improve language learning .That is why we offer the opportunity to students to carry out their practices with us, achieving:Develop new learning strategies
Creation of new educational methods
Have the opportunity to teach and create new material according to the type of studentIt is necessary:
Have a basic knowledge of German
Be creative
Knowledge of word, excel and power point
Knowledge of social networks
Desire to learn online learning software With us you will gain experience and you will live thousands of adventures in one of the most diverse cities of the World, Munich 

More about us:

Our school located in the center of Munich, has the doors open to students who want to take risks with an innovative methodology! As this is the characteristic of our school, we look for people who are highly motivated, positive and have patience to try different methods. Creativity is part of Lima Sprachschule, having a Peruvian heart, we are agile, and instead of seeing problems we find solutions!

Teamwork within Lima Sprachschule is very important, as each member is part of our family, where we respect, help and encourage a fun environment in the office.

Although we are a new school in the market, that's why we look for people with your motivation to grow in the professional world!

The schedule, for the practices with Erasmus are 40 hours per week, always exempt the freedom to have free days, after coordination so you can make excursions in Munich. Also being so well located, you can sit for lunch in parks with great views, if you wish. We have a small kitchen, like every house, you must have one.

At the end of your practice with us you will not only receive your sealed documents, but also a letter of practice in English and German (it is possible also in Spanish), even if you achieved more than 200 lessons of teaching you could receive a certificate of recommendation as a teacher. Ah! And of course a dinner with the team of Lima Sprachschule!

Do you want to be part of our team? contact us ; [email protected]

No financial compensation
English: Independent User B1
German: Proficient User C1