Internship at an Istanbul based Cultural Association even as remote Internship

Art and Design, Communication and Information Sciences, Education and/or Teacher Training
3 Aug, 2020 to 31 Oct, 2020
24 Jul, 2020

General information

3 months
3-4 days per week

The Istanbul based cultural association DIYALOG is offering a 5 month internship in Istanbul. DIYALOG is a cultural association supported by private organizations and institutions. At the moment DIYALOG is organizing community video workshops that are taking place between July and October as remote workshops using ZOOM comnferincing clients to cope with the lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DIYALOG also organizes the Mahalla Festival 2020 dedicated to migration, cultural identity and inclusion. At the moment the festival is taking place with online events and for November December the festival is palnned as a physical event in the Buffer Zone of Cyprus depending on the development of the pandemic.

At the moment we offer internships as remote working modus or physical in Istanbul. But in general you can do the internship from your home from everywhere in Europe by using ZOOM client, Skype and other conferencing tools.

The intern will be involved into all aspects of DIYALOG: preparation of events, fund raising, communication with partners and so on.  DIYALOG is  organizing different international cultural events in Turkey and abroad: Special attention is on the overcoming of borders, which still exists in the culture between nations, countries, communities and genders. The principal objectives are the promotion of exchange and cooperation in order to carry out an intercultural understanding to strengthen as well as above all the cultural dialogue between communities. The basic research and work of the association focuses on collaboration in old and new media, technology, and theory with an emphasis on social contexts. At the moment we are preparing a new festival in Malta, a community video workshop and a music festival in Istanbul. We are running as well several cultural based online platforms. As intern at DIYALOG you will be trained in pproject development, project management, fund raising and content publishing for cross media platforms. The main online platform is the INENART website with regular contributions about art events and creativity international: The last mayor event was the Mahalla festival in Malta last year in November dedicated to migration, exile and cultural identity: As we are a small NGO you will have to pay for your travel expenses, the financing of your living and your accommodation. Please clarify your health insurance coverage with your health insurance before starting the internship. Each trainee will receive an internship confirmation and, upon request, a qualified certificate at the end of the internship. If you are interested into an internship in Istanbul please send as an email with your CV.

Compensation: No financial compensation

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 
English: Independent User B1
Level of Studies: