Internship: Junior Office Manager (May 2021)

5 Apr, 2021 to 1 Sep, 2021
1 Feb, 2021

General information

4 months

Starting from April 2021

Your DAILY responsibilities here at Casamona:


  • 1 Junior Office Manager (JOM) must be in the office half an hour before the team arrives.
  • You need to oversee the departments and know the daily tasks.
  • JOM must help the Office manager (OM) check the main inbox and respond to clients.
  • JOM must answer the phone.

Throughout the day:

  • You need to help oversee all departments
  • You need to manage the administration of the business. Such as organising the contracts in the drive, keeping the keys in order and management contracts.
  • Do Flat Finding 
  • Make sure the Upcoming Calendar is carried out everyday and that we are aware which apartments are coming back on the market.
  • Make sure that everything on our database (Sooprema) looks professional.
  • Deal with your own clients, offering suggestions and organizing visits.

In the evening:

  • The JOM closing the office is in charge of the main inbox and answering the phone throughout the rest of the day.
  • The JOM must be the last person to leave the office with the Office Manager.
  • Take notes of accomplished tasks and what needs to be done the following day. This will be used to measure your performance and role within the company.
  • Use your Trello board to keep senior management informed at all times.

Your MONTHLY responsibilities here at Casamona:

  • You are required to find 6 flat finds a month - after this you will get paid 10 euros per flat find or 5% if it is rented.
  • Your goal is to have 2 rental deals a month
  • You will work for 4 hours on a Saturday at least once a month and at the most twice. You will then be allowed a day off during the week if you do so.
  • If you work on a Saturday, you must help with the main inbox on Sunday.

We all need to make sure we:
Get our 12 rental deals in a month - therefore, you may be required to take on rental clients. You will get 10% of any deal you make.
Help the team get an overall goal of 40 flat finds a month
Job Requirements:
You must have a high level of both written and spoken Spanish and English (any other language is a plus)
You must be able to work a minimum of 4 months
You must be motivated and organised in order to help General Managers guide and coordinate departments.
You must be confident and efficient.
You must be a problem solver
This position is an internship for students and we ask to have a contract with a university showing it's part of the student's course.

Salary: 200€ / month

Financial compensation


Real Estate  
English: Proficient User C1
Level of Studies: