Internship Permaculture&Forest Garden

Agriculture Sciences
3 Mar, 2024 to 30 Jun, 2024
28 Mar, 2024

General information

4 months

We, the Permaculture Center - Österreichisches Waldgarten-Institut (Austrian Forest Garden Institute) have one of the oldest edible forest gardens in Central Europe and cultivate a vegetable garden according to the principles of permaculture. For the year 2024 (March to October) we are offering an internship (m/f/d) for our permaculture and forest garden of 40 hours per week.

If you:
- like to work in the fresh air and can also get hands on, physical fitness is important (work with handheld devices)
- have a good knowledge of plants and would like to expand them
- can deal with people and plants
- are enthusiastic about permaculture and forest gardening
- you are interested in gardening crafts and knowledge
- Are interested in organic cultivation, harvesting, processing, storage and sustainable projects
- enjoy working in a team and independently, contribute your ideas and can implement your own ideas
- has good communication and reflection skills
- are looking for an exciting and varied field of work
- want to be part of a sustainable soil cultivation

... we look forward to your application and a trial work with us at the Permaculture Center Österreichisches Waldgarten-Institut (Austrian Forest Garden Institute).

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 


Permaculture  horticulture  forestgarden  agroforestry  organic farming  vegan  

Additional Information

Since more then 30 years we are successfully establishing the ideas of home garden or edible forest gardens in our temperate climate in Central Europe. The Austrian Forestgarden-Institute has various examples of forest gardens, agroforestry and a mixed example. Our oldest forest garden covers an area of more than 4,000 m2 and has a very high biodiversity. In addition to old European cultivated fruit varieties, there are also exotic species such as Papau (Asimina triloba) and Chinese vegetable tree (Toona sinensis), but also numerous wild herbs. In another area, in a wetland, we do have adopted the strategy of Chinampas, a permanent huegel culture in the marshland, as a management strategy. There we are cultivating aquatic plants such as calamus (Acorus calamus). Just in fall 2019 we created an Agroforestry related to Syntropic Agriculture. 200 meters of fruit tree strips, surrounded with 400 meters of hedgerow. In between these strips of fruit trees and supporting species, we will cultivate in order of companion planting, vegetable for winter storage. Our main focus is biodiversity, preservation of old cultivars, perennial cereals and perennial, alternative protein sources, processing of raw materials, educational work, exchange and training, as well as international cooperation.
English: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: 
Short cycle or equivalent
plant knowledge
good physical and psychical conditions
like to work outside
like to work with plants