Internship | Tutor in Teaching in Computer Science Department |Kosovo

Engineering and/or Technology, Mathematics and/or Informatics
18 Oct, 2020 to 31 Jan, 2021
30 Aug, 2020

General information

4 months
2-3 days per week

Provides academic tutoring services to a wide variety of individuals and groups. Creates and
implements tutorial programs that guide and assist students with homework, problem solving,
report writing, and test preparation.

 Object Oriented Programming
 Introduction to programming and web technologies
 Software Engineering
 Introduction to networks

Duties and Responsibilities
. Tutors students individually or in scheduled group study sessions to review principles, solve
problems, and review for tests.
2. Administers testing instruments and writes individual tutoring plans upon review of
textbooks; refers students to other agencies as appropriate.
3. Facilitates reading and writing labs to develop writing, math, word processing, study, and
other academic skills.
4. Leads and trains entry level tutors in strategies to accommodate alternative learning styles
and disabilities.
5. Maintains and updates confidential files and records, ensuring that ethical and legal
guidelines are maintained.
6. Researches and selects learning materials, textbooks, software, and equipment to facilitate
tutoring; may design specific handout, study, and related materials.
7. Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required
 Deep knowledge in specific programming languages (depends on the subject, mentioned

 Ability to effectively manage time and schedules.
 Records maintenance skills.
 Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
 Knowledge of test administration techniques and procedures.
 Ability to maintain confidentiality of records and information.
 Basic data entry and/or word processing skills.
 Organizing and coordinating skills.
 Knowledge of tutorial/learning materials and instructional aids.
 Knowledge of peer counseling/tutoring processes and methods.
 Skill in preparing instructional aids and plans.


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Years of Experience required: 

Additional Information

Universum College is leading HEI in Kosovo. Universum College (UC) is a centre for scholarship, research, and creative activity involving the creation, testing, and dissemination of knowledge, understanding, expressions, and techniques. UC aims to provide education and training to enable individuals to realize their full potential. As a higher education Institution, UC has a particular responsibility to address societal issues and needs through scholarship, research, and creative activity. The faculty aims to enhance the level of education offered and improve the teaching/learning environments. UC strives for excellence in fulfilling its central and primary purposes of teaching, scholarship, and research and places particular emphasis on the quality of teaching. With the ever-increasing emphasis in globalization, Universum College has enshrined internationalization and regionalization into its development perspectives. Today, Universum College is recognized as the most internationalized higher education institution in Kosovo, proudly establishing cooperation with some of the most respected educational institutions in the world. Moreover, Universum College has modernized its curriculum by digitizing the educational process in order to put student at the centre and enhance their learning process. Recently, Eduniveral ranked Universum College in Top 1000 of the best Business Schools in the world, an award seldom given to institutions younger than ten-years old. Moreover, Eduniversal ranked our MA in Management program in top 17 programs best management programs in southeast Europe. The Universum College mission is building upon the following strategic pillars: - Student and Learning at the Center; - Internationalization; - Quality Improvement; - Innovation and Entrepreneurship; - Digital Transformation; One of the most significant pillar in UC is the internationalization as it enables us to be in compliance with the changes and bring all the benefits of unity and cooperation to our students and staff. Internationalization enables us to exchange, learn and teach the best practices in education, culture, customs and places. Thus far, UC has 114 Credit Mobility Agreements K107 and 6 active Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education projects. Our institution has more KA1 and KA2 projects than the majority of HEIs in Kosovo. UC has three campuses around Kosovo and the organisation currently is consisted of more than 230 highly qualified staff members. Universum College has been actively involved on implementing Erasmus+ projects and till have been part of different projects within the framework of Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2.
English: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: