Agriculture Sciences
10 Jun, 2021 to 30 Sep, 2021
1 Nov, 2020

General information

8 months

The student will join in a project whose main objective is the design, development and characterization of biopolymer-based emulsions with added silicon and application of them in the development of healthier meat products. The activities to develop during the stay will be done in different stages:
1) Training courses about Health and Safety at the Laboratory as well as the use of laboratory equipment for use during the stay.
2) Training of the student in laboratory techniques used in the development of the proposed activities.
3) He/she will participate in the design, preparation and study of biopolymer-based emulsions with added silicon, with the aim of controlling lipid digestibility.
4) Evaluation of the physicochemical and nutritional characteristics of  the biopolymer-based emulsions as digestibility, texture, rheology,  composition, oxidative stability, etc.
5) Replacement of the animal fat by the biopolimeric-based emulsions with reduced lipid digestibility in the development of a healthier meat product.
6) Evaluation of the technological, nutritional and sensory characteristics of the developed healthier meat product.

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 


oleogels  healthier products   rheology   nutrition  

Additional Information

Knowledge , skills and competences to be acquired by the end of the traineeship (expected Learning Outcomes): At the end of the internship, the student is expected to know how to work and management in the laboratory (phys-chemistry). Health & Safety at the Laboratory. He/she will know how to determine some technological and compositional characteristics of emulsions and meat products (protein, fat and fatty acid profile, texture, rheology, lipid oxidation, etc.). The student must know how to treat and analyse the results obtained during the tasks developed as well as interpreting the results with the support of scientific literature related to the topic.
English: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: