Italian language assistant in a school

Education and/or Teacher Training
20 Sep, 2021 to 18 Dec, 2021
30 Sep, 2021

General information

3 months

General information

Duration: 3 months

Starts: Mid- September 2021

Commitment:   Full-time (19h in class + 7h preparation time per week)

Salary: 3.90 euros an hour / 26 hours a week (paid only during school days, so not during the holidays)


Requirement in languages: 

  • Italian native speaker
  • French : B2



Our school

We are a big educational institution that includes a pre-school, a primary and a secondary school, a college, a vocational college and a campus representing more than a thousand pupils altogether. We are located on two sites. Our pupils are from very different social backgrounds which make our school unique.


Our location

We are located in the Center East of France next to Lyon – in Saint Etienne (171 051 inhabitants).

Saint Etienne has many amenities such as cinemas, theatres, operas, parks, supermarkets and sports facilities. It is a city with many universities and a famous engineer school therefore many students from all around the world come to study here. Saint Etienne has the enormous advantage of being a welcoming middle size city, largely affordable for students’ standards. Indeed the cost of living and rents are considerably low compared to many cities in France and especially Lyon. Saint Etienne has a train line connecting directly to Paris in 3 hours, Marseille on the Mediterranean in 3 hours and Lyon in 1 hour.

Another advantage of the city is that the countryside is only a quarter of an hour away from the city centre.


Our school is situated in the city centre next to the university with direct access to public transport and all services.


Our compensation

Free accommodation is available on the school premises (to share with another language assistant) and lunch vouchers for the school canteen.


Our working environment

As a complete part of the staff, the assistant will be integrated into our teaching team.

We have good equipment for teaching languages: classes are equipped with interactive whiteboards, books, PC, tablets, a separate classroom etc.

Pupils attend classes from 8.00 or 9:00 am to 12:00 and from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm. The teaching schedule will be discussed with the assistant at the beginning of the internship. They will have the same holidays as the pupils (2 weeks in October, 2 weeks during Christmas and New Year’s, 2 weeks in February and 2 weeks in April).


The responsibilities of the assistant will be:

  • to assist in teaching Italian to young children of primary school (aged 4 to 11), and students from middle and high school,
  • to introduce the culture of her/his country,
  • to work with teachers on specific language projects ,
  • to help children become European citizens through gathering more knowledge about European cultures,
  • to help the institution promote projects as languages club, news, workshop during canteen time, help for "international week"...),
  • to aid in Italian tutoring for certain students.


You will be welcomed by languages teachers who will help you to settle in. We have already welcomed languages assistants and will be pleased to contribute to make your time with us a successful and rewarding experience.


Please contact us for more information.


To contact us:

Ensemble Scolaire La Salle Saint-Etienne

Site St Louis / Site Ste Barbe

22 rue Désiré Claude

42030 St-Etienne Cedex 2


Tél : 00 334 77 43 24 80

Fax : 00 334 77 43 24 89

Email : [email protected] (Italian teacher from the MFL Department)

Financial compensation
Lunch vouchers

Additional Information

If you are interested, please send a CV and a cover letter explaining how your profile would fit in our job description and your personal and/or career path. Grazie e a presto a Saint -Etienne.
Italian: Independent User B2