Join Asia in Review as a Volunteer or Intern

Humanities, Law, Social Sciences
20 Sep, 2021 to 28 Feb, 2022
30 Dec, 2021

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5 months

Are you interested in the intersecting field of law and politics and do you want to help produce an unmitigated and balanced picture of the issues, events, and forces shaping Asia?

Join us as we prepare the launch of the new Asia in Review (‘AiR’), an upcoming multimedia platform covering Constitutional Politics, Human Rights, International Relations & Geopolitics, and Security & Defense in East, Southeast and South Asia.

AiR offers many editorial and non-editorial positions as part of its Volunteering Program. These roles greatly contribute to the operation of the platform for the benefit of its readers, contributors and partners.

Working with AiR will provide you with excellent learning and career development opportunities to propel you into your future career with confidence.

Depending on your skills, abilities, and career interests, you may choose to become a monthly Contributor, an Associate Editor or a Communications & Engagement Officer.

We also offer short-term Internship positions for tertiary students and recent graduates who seek academic connectivity, experienced mentorship and a potential steppingstone to future professional opportunities.

If applying, you should be able to dedicate an equivalent of five hours or more each week to working with us. Volunteers should commit to a period of at least six months while interns are expected to be available for a minimum of eight and up to 12 weeks.

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No financial compensation


Minimum 5 hours of commitment, up to full time  
English: Independent User B2