Journalist, Public Relations Manager

Art and Design, Communication and Information Sciences, Social Sciences
31 Jul, 2020 to 31 Dec, 2020
30 Jun, 2020

General information

4 months

Our company is looking for an intern for the position of Journalist and Public Relations Manager.
The main tasks are to increase external contacts with the press and services.
Writing articles, participating in events on behalf of the academy.

No financial compensation


pr  Journalist  Public Relations Manager  Copywriter  

Additional Information

Upon successful completion of the internship, we grant the intern with a recommendation letter for the future employees. We welcome you to become part of the dynamic working environment, to engage in learning from the experts in the field of educational management, and immerse yourself in the international experience. This doesn't provide financial compensation. Living in Florence means entering the rhythm of one of the most fascinating touristic destinations in Europe and in the world. The city offers an incredible cultural ambiance, a lively and safe nightlife, and all the designer's fashion shops, a vast number of bars and restaurants. Our Academy is nicely located at about 20 minutes walking distance from the center, in a very well served area. This is a big opportunity for you to enhance marketing skills and work in a professional team. Also, there is an opportunity to work from your own home. You can decide for yourself, work in Florence, or at home! Russian is a big adventure! The interview is obligatory with applicants with our marketing director. We can accept any duration from 1 to 12 months.
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