July call to participate in the 450 hours free* intro level of our BPM-RPA-AI business process automation solutions Career Plan

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Mathematics and/or Informatics
2 Sep, 2019 to 28 Feb, 2020
31 Jul, 2019

General information

6 months

proceedit academy - BPM-RPA-AI Career Plan Intro Level - General information

Duration:  3 - 6 months

Commitment: Full-Time or Part-Time

Modality: Remote or presentially.


We offer you the possibility to participate in the 450 hours free* intro level of our career plan for BPM-RPA-AI business process automation solutions development that is followed currently by more than 45 trainees coming from many different countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Lebanon, Libya, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam, Venezuela  ...).  

* Note: only for Bachelor and Master degrees students participating on an Erasmus or similar student exchange program and submitted to availability of funds in proceedit's scholarship fund that permit to finance the academic fees discount.

proceedit is a start-up project which has just been launched to the market. For the last seven years, we have been developing and fully testing a unique disruptive technology in the area of Business Process Automation Solutions (based on BPM-RPA-AI technologies) and servicing them on a Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) model through the Cloud.

In a few months time, we will be successfully competing with huge companies like ACCENTURE, CAPGEMINI, COGNIZANT, FUJITSU, IBM, ORACLE, PEGA, TATA, TECH MAHINDRA, UIPATH, XEROX, etc. thanks to our zero-code dynamic Process Application Server platform (dyPAS) that permits us to develop complex automation solutions 5 times faster and reduce 10 times their future service, support and maintenance load once in operation, compared with using the best current technology.

Market information

Roughly speaking, there are around 100.000 different business process automation solution classes identified worldwide (5 to 10 K for each main business sector or industry) with approximately 21 million organizations worldwide (private and governmental with 50+ employees) being potential customers for these products, and affecting around 2.4 Billion employees. These figures mean that this market has no future growing limits (market estimations expect a growing factor higher than 20 % per year).

Based on the above factors, a huge growing market combined with the availability of a new disruptive technology, we think working on this IT business sector represents a big challenge and a very exciting career opportunity for undergraduate, graduate and young professionals, not only with technical skills but also willing to work on business administration, marketing, sales, operations ... areas.


To be able to introduce you to this area of knowledge and to help you decide if it could be a convenient field of knowledge and experience for your future career development, we offer you to participate in our three-six months (450 hours) intro level of our BPM-RPA-AI business process automation solutions career plan based on a learning by doing methodology.

Our BPM-RPA-AI career plan is specially oriented to provide trainees with a very practical knowledge and experience by:

  • Using a "learning-by-doing" with a smart combination of proven theory lessons, practices, tests, workshops, projects, demos, presentations and exams activities.

  • Participation on continuous rotary roleplays where trainees can adopt different company roles and  perform real company tasks related to each role. 20 % of each Career Plan Module effort time is dedicated to these roleplay performances.

  • Participating on the creation of real applications that go immediately on production.

  • Applying strictly rules on effort, performance, ethics and reporting control.

  • Ensuring full transparency of progress made by trainees through the use of an advanced task manager application Jira  open to contributors.

Participating in our Career plan Intro level is the first step to develop a future professional career in our company as a programmer, designer, developer, analyst, service agent, consultant, team leader, project manager, business promoter, etc. and it will cost you nothing, but your time and effort.

During this Intro level training program, you will learn the principles on how to use our methodology and technology to develop your first process automation solution from scratch, based on the use of our BPM-RPA-AI dyPAS platform. The process class to be developed will be chosen in agreement with you by taking into consideration your academic skills and previous working experience and also your personal willing.

Previous programming and/or other technical skills are not strictly required to participate in this Intro level training program, although some experience in the area and / or having used enterprise automation applications always help.

You will participate in all the business process automation solution development steps: collect information, define requirements, analysis, configuration, integration, compilation, testing, debugging, documentation, deploying, user training, startup, user support and maintenance once the process goes into production and even you will be able to create complementary applications, like databases, functions, services, robots and connectors, if you have already or you are willing to develop the required programming skills.

Our Intro level training program can be done in part-time or full-time and no physical presence is strictly required although it is convenient when possible. However, frequent contact via Google Chat and Hangout will be essential to help you boost your progress.

During all the Intro level training program and for the rest of your Career plan, you can count on the continuous assistance of our staff and receive documentation and other training, test and working material, free access to our support applications (Google Suite, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Postgresql, Bonita, dyPAS, Talend ...) and attendance to remote / presentialy workshops, webinars, etc.

In case you are coursing a master, university or school degree, the work done during the Intro and Basic training programs levels can be used as your degree project and the hours worked could count as course credits this, of course, depending on the policies applied by your academic institution. In that case, we are willing to sign the corresponding internship agreement with you and your academic institution.

You can also combine the realization of your thesis with the work done in our training programs provided that your thesis tutor will accept it and we can find a topic aligned with the objectives of the three parts: you, your thesis tutor and ourselves.

Career development plan

Once you successfully end this Intro level training program, we will evaluate your progress and decide together with you the continuity of your collaboration with our company progressing to course our Basic level of the Career plan. Afterwards, depending on your personal achievements, situation and will you could decide to continue progressing with successive steps of the BPM-RPA-AI Career plan with paid internships, working as a freelancer, collaborating with us as business development agent, Team leader, Project manager and, when arriving to the highest Master level of the Career plan, enroll as a member of our staff in management positions.

We manage our operations with six operating units (Academy, Community, Lab, Factory, Business and Service) and seventeen support specialties (listed below) in different technologies wherein you will be able to develop your professional career according to your personal will, once you have obtained the required basic skills:








Finances & Administration



Finances & Administration practices


Business development



Business development practices (marketing, sales, communication ...)


Operations & project management



Operations & project management


Business process outsourcing



Task by task real-time micro-outsourcing (mBPO) and optimization services


Business process autonation



BPM-RPA-AI process classes development and service


Operational excellence



Operational excellence (lean management, six sigma, business process discovery, business process analysis, business process optimization).


User interface and experience



Design of user interfaces and experiences


Web & mobile applications



Web and mobile applications development and service


Social applications



Implementation, configuration, integration and support of social applications like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Linkedin, Twitter ...


Business applications



Implementation, configuration, integration and support of business applications like CRM, ERP, SCM, DMS, ECM ...


Artificial intelligence



AI, NLP, ML and DL applications development and service


Robotic process automation



Robotic process automation robots development and service


Process applications server



dyPAS dynamic Process Applications Server development and service


Big data, IoT & analytics



Big Data, IoT and analytics development and service


Systems & platforms



Systems and platforms configuration, monitoring and servicing


Nets & security



Development, implementation, deployment and administration of network and security applications


Cross specialty



Cross contents applicable to different career specialty programs


Description of the open positions along the participation in our Career plan:

Work to be done

Participation as a configurator - programmer - designer - analyst - architect - service agent - consultant - business promoter agent - team leader - project manager - in the technical and business development areas of several of our process automation applications and solutions like:

  • dyPAS: our dynamic Process Application Server, real time application builder platform. This platform acts as a dynamic BPM-RPA-AI Process Application Server and is situated in the edge of the "0" code application development technology.

  • dyTAB: our dynamic generalised DB visualization and maintenance tool.

  • dyBOX: our dynamic generalised multi-application user interface.

  • BPM-RPA-AI process classes: many different processes we are continuously developing using the above indicated technologies.

  • dyWEB: business website for automatic deploying and servicing of prêt-à-porter and tailormade BPM- RPA-AI processes on 100 % BPaaS modality.

Technologies used

We are working on frontend, backend, databases, integration, robotics, AI and analytical aspects to develop and support our applications by using a wide variety of programming languages / technologies like C#, ASP, js, jquery, java, React, Node, REST, json, webhooks, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL, HTML5, CSS, Material design, PHP,... and deploying, servicing, supporting and maintaining our applications in our Amazon AWS EC2 and S3 cloud environments, using and integrating with applications and platforms like Google Suite, Wordpress, Cognito, Google analytics, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Talend, Bonita, dyPAS,...

You can obtain:

  • Initial Intro and Basic training programs of three-six months (450 hours) each on developing BPM-RPA-AI business process automation solutions.

  • Additional formation in advanced frontend, backend, database, integration, robotics, AI, ML, DL and analytical state-of-the-art technologies for real applications going in production.

  • Content of the training programs full personalized.

  • Compatible with the participation as part of the Erasmus or a similar internship exchange program.

  • Possibility to develop the final course degree project for your academic institution as part of the Intro or Basic levels internship periods.

  • Compatible with the realization of your master thesis.

  • Possibility to extend the initial internship period (the ideal period is one year, although we accept interns or freelancers for a minimum of a three months period).

  • Possibility for enrolling on a paid internship and even a professional enrolment after having completed with success the Intro and Basic levels internships (900 hours in total).

  • Possibility to get a professional enrolment after having completed with success the Advanced level internship (1.800 hours in total).

  • Obtaining real working experience in discovering, analysis, programming, design, development, customization, integration, testing, deployment, servicing, optimization, team leading, project management, user support and maintenance (operative, corrective and evolutive) areas.

  • Integration in a very dynamic, young, multinational growing team.

  • Flexible part / full time working schedule. 

  • Presential and / or remote work.

  • Real hands on experience on marketing and business development of high-level worldwide applicable technological applications.

 Retribution package:

After the Intro and Basic training program levels, that are non-paid internships, if you continue with us, we will assign you a retribution that will be progressively increased (every three months) according to your progression as intern / freelancer / business development agent / team leader / project manager / management staff.

Retribution is paid proportionally to hours worked (interns) or job done (freelancers) or on a commission scheme based on success (business development agents) or fix by month plus bonuses for management staff positions.

After having been with us for a minimum period of one-year and having been acquired the Advanced level of our Career plan, you will be included in a stock options program as part of yours retribution package. These options will allow you to invest in company shares with very favourable conditions as a way to offer you an additional compensation to your efforts and dedication to the project.

Some of the projects you will participate when coursing our career plan:

Some of the open projects we have now in our portfolio are listed here below:

  • dyBPM: development of BPB-RPA-AI business process automation solutions.

  • dyTAB: dynamic generalised DB visualization and maintenance tool.

  • dyBOX: dynamic generalised multi-application user interface.

  • dyBAM: process data mining (Big Data, Analytics) applications.

  • dyBUILD: Automatic BPM-RPA-AI process classes builder (Semantics, NLP, AI, DL, ML).

  • dyFACE: advanced facial recognition (Artificial vision).

  • dyBLOCK: secure BPM transactions (Blockchain).


Required profile:

  • Studies level:

    • Coursing last course or having coursed a Bachelor degree.

    • Coursing or having coursed a Master degree.

  • Specialties coursed:

    • Technical (Information & Computing sciences, Telecommunications, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics …).

    • Business (Business Administration, Marketing, Law, Six Sigma, Lean Management …).

    • Other (Public Relations, Design, Communication, Linguistics, Philosophy …).

  • Other requisites:

    • Erasmus internship recommended for Intro and Basic levels.

    • 3 months duration minimum for each Intro and Basic levels.

    • Some knowledge on programming languages is recommended although it is not mandatory.

    • We are not necessarily requiring previous working experience although some user experience with enterprise automation applications is recommended.

As an employer, we have a lot to offer you:

  • Work with us remotely from anywhere / anytime.

  • A very broad spread of attractive tasks and assignments managed by Jira.

  • Bright prospects for career development.

  • A healthy team spirit and flat hierarchies.

  • A great team that celebrates successes and overcome difficulties together.

  • Fresh fruit and drinks when you are at the office :)..

  • Substantial incentives to ones of you willing to work on business development.

  • Invest in our company at special conditions to share our success.

  • Management staff positions in less than 3 years career.

For additional information on the scope of the Intro level training program find its agenda attached to this email.You can see the complete scope of our BPM-RPA-AI Business Process Automation Career Plan in the attached PPT.

If you think, as we do, that this could be a great opportunity for your professional career development, just email us indicating your interest on following our BPM-RPA-AI Intro level training program and we will be in contact to you asap answering any doubt and providing you with all the additional information you would require for the enrollment steps. 

Compensation: No financial compensation is allowed  in Intro and Basic Level.


Languages: English: Independent User B2

Level of Studies: Bachelor

Contact information:

[email protected]


Additional information:

If you still have doubts, please review the documents you will find in this folder Career Plan documents 


You can request to enroll in the Career Plan by fulfilling this form or just sending an email to [email protected]


We are creating a scholarship fund having as a main goal to give opportunities to young undergraduate or recent postgraduate students to be initiated as a professionals on one of the best promising technological niches: Business process automation by using modern on the edge technologies like BPM, RPA and AI, by coursing our advanced Career Plan .

Collected funds are used to grant scholarship discounts (100 % for students and other profiles) on the academic fees and to cover trainees'  living and traveling expenses when they decide to follow the Career Plan presentially in Barcelona.

Everybody can easily donate funds via our GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign going to Fund scholarships for BPM-RPA-AI Career Plan.   


No financial compensation

Additional Information

For getting additional information, please, go to this folder: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OjbqQCwykjNaW5ZzbbjX4w8ESLkoOdKO
English: Independent User B2
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