Lab analyst for bioeconomy-related methods

Agriculture Sciences, Engineering and/or Technology, Natural Sciences
1 Mar, 2022 to 31 Dec, 2022
28 Feb, 2022

General information

9 months

Celignis is an innovative platform in which people highly motivated have the opportunity to think differently. In the words of our CEO, "We see huge potential for biomass to sustainably meet global energy and material needs. Through innovation, passion, and determination, we at Celignis strive to make a difference in the development of the bioeconomy."

We are more than an analytical lab, we are leaders in respect to Bioprocess Development. We are constantly expanding thanks to our spearhead team that addresses global threats such as climate crisis, declining agricultural production, scarcity of water, fertilizer shortage, bioenergy furthering, residues to added-value products, enabling of the biorefining practices, among others. The atmosphere of our company is very dynamic, suitable for those willing to make of a challenge an opportunity to develop their personal and professional skills.

This position is for those looking to work out on their bio-scientific capabilities, in the frame of analytical practices and bioprocess development projects. The recruited intern might get involved in practices like working with biomass residues oriented to the production of biogas or bio-based chemicals and materials, biomass pyrolysis to produce carbon sequestration and soil amendment applications, optimization of bioprocess conditions from all kinds of biomass residues, or even participate in the design and development of a biorefining facility to make use of biomass for the production of highly functional applications. Our range of projects is constantly increasing and with this, the challenge of carrying them out motivates us to continue innovating.  

During the internship, the candidate might use a wide variety of analytical techniques and equipment to characterize biomass samples relevant to the Circular Bioeconomy like,

- Automated Solvent Extractors, Hydrolysis Equipment, UV Spectroscopy, Near-infrared Spectroscopy, Ashing Furnaces, Milling Equipment, Ion and/or Liquid and/or Gas Chromatography, LC-MS, Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry, Volatile Matter Furnace,  Bomb Calorimeter, Ash Melting, Microwave Digestor, Elemental Analyser, Particle Size Determination Tools, Surface Area, and Pore Size Distribution Analyser, Bioreactors, and Anaerobic Digestion Reactors.

*The intern will also get experience in adhering to SOPs and quality control methods as well as evaluating the quality of data produced.

*We also have a wide array of analytical equipment that requires maintenance and validation, someone with mechanical experience would also be suitable.

From a Lab dedicated to Accelerate the Circular Bioeconomy to ensure a sustainable future by providing our customers and partners the most accurate data and innovative solutions, we encourage you to be part of our spearhead team full of dynamic and enthusiastic people that have a particular focus on technologies that can reduce the world's dependence on fossil fuels and non-sustainable practices.


You can read more about Celignis's research projects and services at, or

**Please note that we are not able to provide any financial support for this internship**


** Please note that due to the long duration of the visa process we can only recruit candidates with a European passport. However, we are willing to listen to enthusiastic candidates with a remarkable scientific background **

No financial compensation
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Carbon Sequestration  Bioethanol  Animal Feed  Near Infrared Spectroscopy  Waste Valorization  Biofuels  Bioenergy  Biorefinery  Bioeconomy  Circular Economy  Biobased Industries  Sustainability  Bioscience  Blue Economy  High Added Value Products  Lignin  Enzymes  
English: Independent User B2
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Research Oriented
Analytical Capabilities
Time Management