Language Assistant in Primary School

Education and/or Teacher Training, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences
19 Sep, 2021 to 22 Jun, 2022
1 Sep, 2021

General information

10 months


We're a School of the city of Barcelona (Catalonia). We're in the neighbourhood of Eixample, which is one of the most known places in the city.

We're a school of two lines (A and B) and we're looking for a volunteer language assistant or someone who can help with:

  • Some skills related to the English language. 
  • Specially preparing activities of speaking for children (6 to 12 years old).
  • Preparing activities in order to learn new things about where you come frome: culture, etc.
  • Becoming part of the school and working together with our teachers.

We will welcome an enthusiastic trainee with fluent and good English. It would be better if it is native English.

He or she will be encouraging students to communicate in English!

EXTRA INFORMATION: Normally, what we do is to offer the posibility of doing a voluntary work in one of the best places of the city of Barcelona. Besides, this year, we have achieved that families can pay the meals for you in the school. This means that you can have the main meal of the day freely in the school. Also, there is the following possibility: earn some extra money doing extra Enlglish reinforcement classes. Maybe some families are interested in it.

Accomodation:  if you come here, the first week, we are going to contact the families of the school and ask for free accomodation. Maybe, some families of the school are interested!!

Financial compensation
Lunch vouchers
Years of Experience required: 


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English: Proficient User C1
It is not necessary to show a certificate to demonstrate the level of English but it would be better if you are native.