Learning Lab Facilitator for ILE project

Education and/or Teacher Training
15 Sep, 2021 to 15 Mar, 2022
10 Jul, 2021

General information

6 months

Presentation of the project

In a context of overhaul of the national DUT pedagogical programs and the reception of foreigners, the international opening strategy of the IUT of Montpellier-Sète is rethought and takes a more open form thanks to the use of innovative, personalized and adapted pedagogical modalities to all in accordance with a wide variety of requirements: specialty courses in English, support for international projects and internships, mobility assistance workshops, hosting of visiting professors, personalized follow-up of foreign students, promotion of constructive exchanges to this transformation with multilingual, sociocultural, technical and scientific training, in support of incoming and outgoing mobility, whether physical or virtual. 

The ILE space is a Learning Lab dedicated to innovative learning and international openness. The International Laboratory for Learning offers various workspaces in a modular environment of about 100 square meters, just a few steps from the university library and the Language Service.

This place is for all the users of the IUT of Montpellier and Sète, whether they are students, teachers or administrative and technical staff.

The ILE is composed of 3 main sub-spaces with different atmospheres and sub-compartments to work and learn in different ways:

  • a Worskhop space

  • a Meeting space

  • a War Room

The ILE also provides several advanced materials and technologies for animation and hybridization of learning, including: 3 giant interactive screens on mobile carriers, video system, 360° video capture, virtual reality headset, etc.


The volunteer will contribute to the deployment of the ILE project (International Laboratory for Learning). In this context, he/she will:

  • participate in discussion meetings for the implementation of various actions whose objective is to open the users of the IUT to the international by mobilizing the existing digital and human resources.

  • and will contribute to the implementation of these actions.

The volunteer will therefore be required to:

  • Participate in raising public awareness of international issues such as knowledge of foreign peoples and cultures, the defense of human rights, sustainable development, gender equality ... ;

  • Participate in actions to help and prepare for mobility

  • To welcome foreign students and partners for various missions: conferences, studies, teaching...

  • Participate in the organization of conversation time in foreign languages (English, Spanish, German, others) - without necessarily speaking the language

  • Participate in conferences, debates, awareness modules, exhibitions, cultural events...

  • Leading cultural workshops: midday board games in foreign languages, workshops on discovering countries of the world with foreign students, CVs and cover letters in English, language cafés

Financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 


learning lab, international, facilitator  
English: Proficient User C1
French: Independent User B1
Level of Studies: