Marketing Growth Hacker (Remote/Online or Istanbul, Turkey)

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Engineering and/or Technology
1 Jan, 2024 to 31 Dec, 2024
1 Apr, 2024

General information

6 months

You will work as a Growth Hacker for the company's software and IoT projects, analyzing growth and customer retention, the determination and calculation of important growth key figures and the implementation of growth measures. Your tasks will include, but not limited to the following:

  • Dealing with data tracking and analysis
  • Handling and application of acquisition marketing
  • Gain technical skills such as building and optimize landing pages, front-end coding, software tools knowledge
  • Optimizing customer retention
  • Identify various growth channels

Requirements for application*:

  1. Cover Letter: Please detail how your previous experiences relate to the description of the internship.
  2. Written Essay/Description: What growth hacking methods are there and which one have you used so far? Based on the internship description, which one would you use for our company during the internship?

*Applicants without these two requirements will be rejected.

Work will be tailored according to the capabilities and career growth potential of the candidate as well as company requirements.

Field of Study: Business Administration, Marketing.
Minimum 4 semesters of university level courses or equivalent other educational experience.

Financial compensation


growth hacking  SEO  userbase analysis  growth metrics  CAC  MAU  ARPU  

Additional Information

Company provides a small supplementary compensation but assumes you will be receiving an Erasmus grant to cover your expenses. You may also get in touch with your IAESTE chapter for to get matched for internships. ( )
English: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: 
Short cycle or equivalent
Familiarity with Growth Hacking Mechanisms such as SEO and Userbase Analysis; Growth Metrics such as CAC, MAU, ARPU, etc.