Marketing Internship (Remote Working and/or working in Porto) - We're Helping People Transition their Business Online, for free! - Join the Cause

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Humanities
1 Apr, 2020 to 31 Aug, 2020
15 Apr, 2020

General information

3 months

We're Mamma Go, an experienced, young, international team based in the vibrant city of Porto.


The Mission of Mamma is help people with all the first steps needed to transition their businesses online. With countless orgnanisations and small businesses in big need of online helpers, we're here to create solutions for them, in mass. This can be a work remote or work in Porto internship, given the circumstances, it's probable that the internship will begin in your home country.


In fight of this virus, we're helping schools transition online and also helping local businesses, producers, farms and suppliers deliver to people's homes


We have developed and are still developing our work remote system, our team is jotted across Europe, Austiralia, the US and China.


About Mamma Go

  • We’re a growing international team involved in many exciting projects. Mamma Go has quickly expanded its network and partners all over Europe, and in parts of Asia, Australia, North and South America

  • Mamma Marketing is at the core of our business however with a full-service team of developers, designers, writers, marketeers, videographers and more, we can do anything when it comes to creating or developing an online business. In fight of the Covid19 spreading and keeping older people at home, we've set-up and have begun testing it in Portugal and Ireland.
  • Mamma Marketing is now helping schools, doctors and many other organisations transition their business online, with free information and how-to guides.


  • At Mamma Go, we provide true, easy to find and relevant information to different niches, for FREE. We have a number of justifiably paid services. However, our vision is to share as much quality, useful and verified free resources and information in areas such as travel, music, student services, marketing to name just a few. 


The Mamma Family

  • Our Porto based team is made up of graphic designers, writers, web developers and interns from Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Finland, France, UK, US, Slovenia, Moldova, China, Poland, Australia, Spanish and others every month.

  • We have a high energy, young, motivated workplace with a developing work remote culture. :)


 The Role

  • As a marketing intern, you will be working with experienced and passionate non-experienced writers, marketeers and designers who will help and guide you. You will learn our strategies and apply them to real projects under the guidance of our team.

  • Our marketing interns have a variety of roles that come along with developing a brand and a strong online presence. Such roles include social media content creation, data analytics, marketing campaigns, blog writing, executing marketing strategies with our full service team (and much more).


  • All of the projects you will work on will be part of a bigger organized structure. The team is constantly working together in the social environment to get the most out of each project. Everyone contributes.


  • We hope that the internship lasts for 3 to 6 months, but closer to 6 months the better. 

  • The goal of us working together during this internship is for it to be only the start, we hope to hire all interns if everything works out well.


Successful Applicants Responsibilities and Requirements

  • The successful applicant will have a good level of English to communicate with the team.

  • The Successful applicant will be a self motivated, hard working, friendly and well rounded individual ready to represent our rapidly expanding company in the best way possible.


Future Employment

  • We are very confident in our internship training programme. Our interns finish with the skills to be of true value to the projects you are working on and the digital marketing sector in general! Because of this, there are options to offer the successful intern a full time position either straight away or when the intern finishes his/her studies.


Sounds good to you?

To apply for this internship, please take the first step and fill out the short questionnaire here: Work Multi-Step1

Financial compensation
Transportation costs
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English: Proficient User C1