Multi-vector Energy Systems Planning and Operation with High Penetration of Renewable Energy Sources

Engineering and/or Technology
United Kingdom
1 Jun, 2020 to 31 Aug, 2020
6 Mar, 2020

General information

3 months

Work Placement outline - we will consider applications from Bachelor, Master and Phd students, who will be joining an ongoing research project, working alongside with academic, researchers and PhD students.


The electrification of heat along with a large utilisation of renewable sources for power generation are considered as a solution to meet the emission and renewable targets for UK. However, these will result in variability and uncertainty in electricity supply as well as substantially higher peaks of electricity demand. If these issues are to be addressed through a "predict and provide" approach (i.e. building more capacity for back-up power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure), significantly high costs will be incurred. These costs can be reduced by employing flexibility technologies enabling peak shaving and supporting electricity demand and supply balancing.


This project will investigate the role of battery storage and power-to-gas systems to accommodate large capacity of intermittent power generation from wind and solar and therefore facilitates matching electricity supply and demand. The Combined Gas and Electricity Networks (CGEN) model will be used to optimize the operation and planning of gas and electricity networks in Great Britain. Using a CGEN expansion model, the impact of demand side response (DSR) on the electricity and gas supply systems in GB will also be investigated in this project.



  • Suitable candidates will be studying for a degree in Electrical Power Systems, or a related subject area.
  • Students (UG/PG) should apply by submitting a CV, transcript of record and prove of English B2 level;
  • Selected applicants must be recipients of an Erasmus Grants;


Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate

No financial compensation
English: Independent User B2