Multiphysics modeling and software for solar hydrogen production

Engineering and/or Technology, Mathematics and/or Informatics, Natural Sciences
Liptovsky Mikulas
1 Feb, 2021 to 31 Jan, 2022
1 Oct, 2020

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12 months


The Institute of Aurel Stodola (IAS) of the University of Zilina (L.Mikulas, Slovakia) has created a junior research group dedicated to Energy Storage and Renewable Fuels. The activities of the group will be focused on theoretical as well as experimental aspects of the photoelectrochemical water splitting, renewable fuels and Li-ion batteries. The research activities of IAS range from optical telecommunication networks to photovoltaics and renewable energies.

Storing solar energy for periods without sunshine is one of the greatest challenges of contemporary science. One of the options is to integrate the electrolysis of water directly into the solar cell - these cells fall into the category of photoelectrochemical cells. The challenges in this route to obtain renewable hydrogen from the sun lie in the quest for suitable materials with good transport properties, stability in aqueous solution and high efficiency.

IAS is searching for internship candidates for a 6 months and longer projects. The projects could start as early as relevant candidate would be found. Candidates MUST have received a European placement grant AND be affiliated to a European Institution (University, Polytechnical School…) providing health, accident and liability insurance. We only respond to applicants satisfying the latter criteria. This position will focus on theoretical aspects of the physical processes in photoelectrodes for oxygen and hydrogen evolution. Mathematical models will be created based on the theoretical understanding of the phenomena and the numerical solution of the models will be implemented in the state-of-the-art multiphysics software. Validation of the model simulations with the available literature and in-house experimental data will shed quantitative insights into competing charge transport mechanism, recombination pathways and role of catalyst and protective layers.

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Candidates MUST have received a European grant AND be affiliated to a European Institution (University, Polytechnical School…) providing health, accident and liability insurance.
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