Natural Living/ Homesteading/ Permaculture Internship

Agriculture Sciences, Architecture and/or Urban and Regional Planning, Natural Sciences
4 Jan, 2024 to 30 Oct, 2027
1 Apr, 2024

General information

3 months

Liveloula is offering intern positions in a fully functioning permaculture inspired homestead and retreat center.


An internship at Liveloula is like a 3 month or longer applied Permaculture Course.
On the homestead, there is a daily routine that you will become a part of.

You will help with irrigation, taking care of the gardens and animals, small maintanance duties, etc...

but to get you to know all the different aspects of Natural Living we will integrate

  • natural building projects, a full overview of tools and techniques and hands on projects
  • planning, installing and tending vegetable gardens
  • design and creation of food forests
  • soil and water management , soil improvements
  • energy management, small scale off grid solutions
  • garden pattern design, landscaping
  • making preserves for winter and home pharmacy​

To cover every aspect and to get a full understanding of the rhythm of the farm one would actually have to stay for at least a year. To offer you a basic understanding of our approach towards natural living, which is our goal in hosting you, we feel a minimum stay of 3 months is a good start.


We can focus on those topics you are most interested in or that are in line with your education.


What will you learn and what will you do:


As mentioned above we will try to cover all aspects of natural living with you.

The bigger part of the experience will be hands on and practical.

We always take our time explaining the reasons and techniques of what we do.

We are open to receive feedback, ideas and inspiration from your behalf.

Questions will be welcomed at all times.

For more in depth theory exploration there are some great books in our library.

Our place offers many opportunities for learning natural living skills. We try to give you the space and time to explore to the fullest.

There will be a couple of seminars happen this season and for these weeks the focus will be on hospitality, we expect you to support in this too.

Whenever possible you are invited to join the theory lessons and practical teachings.
Also, in the context of communal exchanges, we may engage in activities which may seem unrelated to the project.

You will be invited to join in these activities and connect with the local community.


Our expectations

For you to be actively involved in the daily operation of our homestead we ask you to share in kitchen responsibilities,

tend the animals, seed, plant, harvest, irrigate, keep up maintenance, help with food preservation,...

We are hoping to find motivated, hardworking interns with a wish to learn,

with a feeling of respect and responsability towards their surroundings and all surrounding creatures.

We also hope to find good company, positive spirits, feedback, ideas and to have fun.


We hope that after at least 3 months staying with us in Liveloula you feel experienced enough to maintain and organise a project similar to ours.

So, we hope we trained you to feel confident about what to do in normal circumstances, but also to make the right decisions in off standard situations.



No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 

Additional Information

Accommodation: You can stay at the project in a tent. If you cannot bring your own tent we will try to provide one. You will can camp nearby the communal spaces, but also you can set up your tent more private in the woods should you wish. There is an outdoor shower and a small swimming pool. There will be no open fires throughout summer because of the forest fire hazard. Food is prepared on rotational base in the communal kitchen. There is a bathroom with solar hot water. There is an amazing beautiful pit toilet with a stunning view. Moderate use of electricity in general. When to stay at Liveloula: We will be hosting between April 1 and October 31, because we cannot offer other lodging than camping. If you have your own van, or don't mind to camp in colder and possible more wet conditions you can off course contact us for stays outside this period. After a long term stay with us we hope to have inspired you to start or join a project similar to ours, or maybe even join ours. We hope you will leave us with enough knowledge, experience and confidence to take on the next step towards self-sufficiency.
English: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: 
Short cycle or equivalent