Occupational safety & Public health ---Internship in an innovative tech startup!

Communication and Information Sciences, Mathematics and/or Informatics, Medical Sciences
13 Jan, 2020 to 10 Jul, 2020
31 Dec, 2019

General information

6 months

Who are we looking for?

A very motivated student that wants to join an international B2B tech startup


What does WearHealth do?

We use AI with data from wearable and IoT devices to improve worker safety and health


What are the main tasks?

You will be working with our marketing and product team in the following areas:

-Providing feedback from a public health standpoint regarding the value of objective monitoring of physical, mental and ergonomic workload

-Providing feedback from a safety and health standpoint regarding current workload monitoring trends, ISOs and legislation to support the adoption of our solutions


What hard/soft-skills are needed?

- Good understanding public health, occupational safety and health, and health promotion at the workplace

-Motivation and proactiveness are part of our culture so we expect the same from you

-Be curious and passionate about technology, innovation, and marketing

 -Excellent time management and organizational skills

-Ability to work autonomously and as part of the team

-Basic knowledge of wearables/IoT and AI is a plus

-Very good English skills (B2-C1)


What do we offer?

-Possibility to obtain an Erasmus+ grant of up to 450 EUR per month.

-A certificate of work. An official document you can present at your university to accredit that you finished the internship successfully.

-Most of our team works remotely so you could work remotely too.

-A great learning experience in a wearable and AI tech. startup!

Financial compensation
English: Proficient User C1