Pedagogical Internship Hellebaek

Education and/or Teacher Training, Humanities, Social Sciences
17 Aug, 2020 to 15 Aug, 2021
2 Aug, 2020

General information

12 months

Work in education/psychology in a Danish Carehome


Having the opportunity to work with children and youngsters will complete your theoretical knowledge with hands-on experiences. You will also have the opportunity to live in a community together with people from 10 other countries from all Continents around the world so you will get to know not only the Danish culture.

The program offers three sections: Pedagogy, Community life and Personal Development.

Pedagogy is the main component of the program and is demanding from you to work side by side with a pedagogue in tasks like:


  1. Waking up students

  2. Helping to clean and tidy apartments

  3. Driving to school

  4. Picking up from school

  5. Mobilise to participate in programmes

  6. Joining in a practical “paid” job that the student has at Hellebæk

  7. Helping to make students' budgets

  8. Reflecting on important matters with the students

  9. Reflecting on students' development with pedagogue

  10. Joining the students in their projects (Climate change project. Garden farming projects, etc.)

  11. Helping the students structure their daily life

  12. Participating in solving conflicts

  13. Helping the students succeed in their personal goals and dreams

  14. Writing daily reports

The Community Life is part of our pedagogy so you have to be part of that. That means kitchen rota, house meetings, common actions, common ice cream eating or whatever the community chooses to do within their common life.

Every week we would take around 4 hours to have Personal Development sessions that would add to the your professional odevelopmet. Part of the personal development, we will provide you with courses relatable to Hellebaek’s environment and structure. Here are some examples of the courses planned to take place during the intern year:

  1. Methods of physical restraining - practice and legislation

  2. Working with traumatised children - methods and goals (compulsory reading: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog, 2007, Bruce Perry; Waking the Tiger, 1997, Peter Lavine)

  3. Food for the brain - the relationship between food and our well beeing.

  4. The role of Art in brain development

  5. Practical work - its role in brain development and self-esteem development


Financial compensation


Pedagogical Internship psychology education teacher assistant  

Additional Information

If you want to have info on the program please visit our website. If you still have questions or you are interested, write an e-mail to us and we will answer in 24 hours.
English: Independent User B2
Interested in Pedagogy/Psychology/Education