Project assistant in our NPO for protecting natural and cultural patrimony

Art and Design, Education and/or Teacher Training, Natural Sciences
1 Aug, 2023 to 30 Jun, 2024
30 Sep, 2023

General information

6 months

ACARBIO is looking for 2-3 motivated interns to have a 4-12 months experience in our non-profit association on the Amalfi Coast. Currently, we will recruiting for periods starting in winter/spring 2023.

We are looking for interns in the following areas:

  • European youth project management (Erasmus+ KA1 & KA2, ESC)
  • Eco-Construction and wood work
  • Small scale agriculture and food processing
  • Online communication and text writing
  • Music or art performance and teaching
  • Sustainable tourism

Depending on current projects, you will be responsible for some of:

  • Support in all project phases of youth projects within Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps
  • Non-formal learning activities together with local schools (environmental educational activities, English support lessons, and others)
  • Helping with local volunteering activities about recycling, upcycling, local traditions and food, environmental topics and clean-ups
  • Food in environmental, culture and health: Impact and traditions of agriculture and food transformation applied to local products and local food transformation
  • Community management: Social media, online communication and more. 
  • Communication and translations in Italian
  • Assisting in other activities and projects of the association
  • Depending on the current covid-19 restrictions in each period, projects and activities may change.
  • Develop a small project of your own responsibility


You will get the opportunity to learn:

  • Youth projects: From design over implementation and communication to reporting
  • Online communication about rural development
  • Get to know case studies of environmental sustainability isssues and good/bad practices, environmental education and sustainable local development (rural development)
  • Entrepreneurial initiatives and how to develop them through a best practice case study: The Re Fiascone project to support the locals, the local economy and the local environment
  • Cultural exchange and intercultural competences
  • Working languages English and Italian
  • Live in the astonishing UNESCO World heritage area of the Amalfi Coast
  • Be part of our community life
  • Indipendent working


Please apply if you...

  • are motivated to actively engage in the activities and projects of the association
  • bring a good understanding of different aspects of sustainability connected to economy and community in both natural and cultural landscapes
  • are curious to experience and learn new things
  • are adaptable to get to know local life stylye, be ready to be outdoors and connected to nature, be part of a big group and community life or learn about food
  • if you bring experience and skills in either office and project administration, non formal education or online communication is considered a plus
  • if you know Italian it is considered a plus


In some of these activities (see international workcamps and local school camps) you will need to adjust to the current conditions of living (i.e. sleep in a tent, implement activities for children, work in the beach or the woods, etc.)


Please have a look at our online profiles (facebook, instagram, youtube, website) and at testimonies of previous interns ( To apply, please send a CV and a motivation letter to [email protected] your application, please answer to the following questions: 

  • Why you want to be part of the Acarbio team
  • Which of the above tasks and areas interest you
  • What would make you a great part of our team


The selection phase will consist of a skype interview, discussing work preferences, local life style and duration of the internship.

For more details visit the links below:
Official website:
International workcamps (Make it Blue):
Local school summer camp:

About our Re Fiascone tomato:

No financial compensation


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Additional Information

The internship is unpaid, so we encourage candidates to apply for Erasmus or Leonardo funding. Trainees will have the opportunity to learn italian, to keep practicing on English and Italian, to learn about sustainable development projects and to travel. Other in-kind support will be provided at the office where all the equipment will be at disposal, free use of the kitchen’s office and some meals during the month when organizational reasons require it. The association has a guesthouse that can be used by interns. Rent will still need to be covered. As finding a cheap accommodation is not easy in our area, we decided to create a supporting system that would save students from the trouble to look for an accommodation.
English: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: 
MS Office
Google apps
Social Media
European Youth Projects
Project Management