Project Coordinator

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Social Sciences
1 Sep, 2019 to 1 Dec, 2019
22 Aug, 2019

General information

3 months

Our offert:

They will learn how to interact with the people by using other ways of communication than

only verbal such as body language. They will learn how to prepare, organize, manage and

maintain new projects. Also, they will learn how to deal with the target group in the best way. Last but not least, the volunteers will develop their social responsibility awareness and taste the delight of helping people. They will learn how to empathize with the people and how to find solutions in the best way when they face problems.

As the activity range of our Tepebasi District Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation is

very wide and includes lots of social helping processes and projects.

For the volunteers it will be a great chance, as they will meet different people and see of different living situations. They will get skills in social work, which can be helpful in the course of their life. Also they will feel useful and productive to support those who are in need of help.



- Learn about social aid system and legislations

- Contribute with their knowledge and culture for intercultural learning at work

- Developing projects about social aids (Food sharing, clothes sharing, etc.) in an innovative way. Through this create more equal distribution/access for people to make use of our resources

- Creating market barcode system to track distributed aids and manage the store

- Helping out with distribution of materials

- Organising cultural events and helping with international/local Project

-  Promoting Erasmus+ and social humanity aids

- Collaborating with social enterprises/ social entrepreneurs/ companies/ NGOs/ institutions

- Drafting documents and correspondence;

- Customer support under the supervision of the mentor;

- Research and source information as requested;

- Update of existing customer database;

Candidates qualifications:


- Motivated to learn about social aids and social legislation in Turkey

- Open to meet new cultures and working with disadvantaged groups (economic, ethnic, geographic) eg. Roman/ Refugees/ Asylum Seekers/ Economically challenged

- Motivated to live Turkey and work with public, private and institutional organisations

- Be ready for working with governmental organisations and dealing with legislations

- Have a basic knowledge about IT Skills (at least Office Applications)



English: Independent User B1