Project Manager

Humanities, Law
1 Apr, 2025 to 31 Dec, 2025
31 May, 2024

General information

3 months

Project Manager Call 


Are you passionate about human rights and looking to gain valuable experience in a non-profit organization?

We are looking for an enthusiastic intern to join our team at ASSEDEL! As an intern, you will work directly with our team to help build our presence and drive our mission.

This is a great opportunity to gain invaluable insight into the world of human rights advocacy and non-profits. You will be responsible for helping to shape our mission and values, executing creative campaigns, and developing our community outreach program. You will also get the chance to attend our events and be involved in our initiatives!

The ideal candidate will have a passion for human rights, a strong work ethic, and a creative and collaborative mindset. If this sounds like a great fit for you, please submit your application today!

Requested tasks

  • Preparation of various projects on the theme of the defense of human rights and fundamental freedoms for the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.

  • Organization of various workshops and events based on the association's objectives.

  • Arranging seminars or classes on the topic of human rights in schools or elsewhere.

  • Preparation of various projects on the theme of the defense of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

  • Researching areas to expand the association's partnerships at both the departmental and regional levels.

  • Creating, presenting, supporting, and guiding the weekly newsletter project.

  • Completion of daily or weekly tasks as agreed upon.

  • Having prior knowledge of human rights, a strong command of the English language, and a good level of computer skills to carry out the tasks.

We are looking for an intern who will closely monitor the activities of the European Parliament, participate in programs, establish networks, and be socially active, proactive, and punctual in delivering tasks.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to propose any line of thought and action on the theme of human rights defense.

 Desired Skills

  • Prior knowledge of human rights, a comprehensive level of English proficiency, and a good level of computer knowledge to complete tasks.

  • Strong communication skills, ability to work in a team, and openness to innovation.

  • Computer literacy to accomplish the tasks.

  • At least and B1 level in English.

  • The candidate should be minimum second-year student or a graduate majoring in social fields such as law, political science, or international relations.

Job Period and Duration: (You can start in 2025 at the earliest)* Minimum 3 months to 12 months 

Job Location: Strasbourg, France

Number of Hours: 35 hours per week


 Our association will not make any payments as students who have qualified through Erasmus+ and have agreements with European Union universities are eligible for grants. The internship is based on voluntary participation.

You can apply here and send your CV and motivation letter to [email protected]


No financial compensation
English: Independent User B1