Architecture and/or Urban and Regional Planning, Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences
1 Mar, 2019 to 31 May, 2019
31 May, 2019

General information

4 months

Barcelona Home

Internship in Property Management

About us:

Barcelona-Home is an internationally recognized and award-winning company based in the beautiful city of Barcelona, that has grown successfully over the years, providing a wide range of services to meet the contemporary demand of our clients. Barcelona Home has business lines in the following fields: Rentals, Event Management, Real Estate, Leisure, Fashion, Media, and Travel Guides.

We have a multicultural team consisting of over 15 nationalities and we are constantly looking for passionate and hardworking talents to join our team. Especially talents who want to develop interest in projects in various challenging branches.



  • Talk to landlords, get all the information about their property listings and publish the property listings in the backend website, have to present on the website with a better description, pictures, all the necessary details of the specific property listings.

  • Property Check in - Check the apartment, one day before they get in the apartment and Property Check out - During check out, one day before we need to send a mail to the client or call the client and fix an appointment from the client for the next day and move on time, the next day before the client checking out from the apartment and also need to check the apartment with a check-list, note the readings for utilities and switch on the alarm before closing the door.

  • Read, understand, notify management team and alter the previous contract for the owners and tenants, if changes are needed.

  •  Preparation of multiple contract template and format for the owners and tenants, policies, terms and conditions, and authorization of signature in the contract from the landlords and tenants.

  • Work on the official mail for Property management and Maintenance, to read, response, follow-up in a professional manner, creating and developing templates in emails for the landlords and tenants in order to utilize it effectively in a timely manner whenever you think that template could be used very often in order to save time.

  • Usage of the respective office mobile phone for the property owner and for the tenants is strictly advised.

  • Usage of all the software tools should be used in the office works advised by the management and chief executive officer.

  • Check, organize, track and manage the rental property of the owner and update the report. 

  • Talk to the cleaners and maintenance person whoever is responsible for that specific work, organize, track and finish the cleaning works before a client check-in.

  • Responding to the client whenever necessary during their stay in a specific list of properties.

  •  Verify the apartment if everything is good after 2 days of check-in and collect the feedback after check-in and 2 days before checking out for the feedback in order to provide the best customer service whenever necessary.

  • Check and verify all the utilities, the rental amount has been paid before they check out of the apartment at least 12 hours before they leave the apartment.

  • Refund the deposit on the basis of reports, checklist before checking out, and any damages in the apartment.

  • Report owners about the damages and fix it within 48 hours unless there is a valid reason to postponed the work, this should be done after a client check-out from the apartment.

  • Identify, report, organize, track and fix all the damages for the specific apartment during a check-out. 

  • Calculate the hours for the owners for fixing things and maintaining their property. 

  • Handling the landlord-tenant legal issues and solving them in a professional manner.

  • Responsible for finding, screening and managing tenants for the landlord and handle things like emergencies, complaints, evictions, leases, move outs.

  • Cooperate with the management team in order to have frequent meetings and follow up their instructions, also present the analytics report of each property listing whenever necessary.

  • Communicate with the landlords regarding the availability of the apartments for the tenant info request and updating the prices and date of availability in the backend whenever necessary. 

  • Make a report on property listing analysis in order to promote in the marketing channels whenever necessary.

  • Work on weekends whenever it is necessary and informed by the Management, Human resources, and the chief executive officer.

  • Work with the specified target of achieving the property listings every week in order to raise the growth of the company.



We are looking for interns who have fluent level of English and Spanish (B2), any other European language is a plus.

Location: Barcelona

For contacts: If you have any further questions or know potential interns, please contact us on [email protected] or call +34 934 231 270.

Please remember this offer is all year open.


No financial compensation
English: Independent User B2