Puredata (pd) interactive audio programming on Android phones and tablets

Engineering and/or Technology
2 May, 2023 to 29 Jul, 2023
7 Apr, 2023

General information

3 months

Intern will work with mentor (PhD in DSP and electronics, but a fun and easy going person) to develop and deploy a simple interactive music application on an android device. Experience with puredata (pd) is required and experience with android devices is required. Android rooting experience is not required and not needed though. Work can be done at location (Koper, Slovenia) or can be done remotely. In case of Koper IRZU will help to find a dorm room for an intern (local university in Koper usually helps), and in best scenario internship will be financed through erasmus+ (you should talk to youe erasmus representative at university (sometimes called intenational office) and ask if they can be a sending institution while IRZU will be a hosting institution (show them the agreement needed to sign, available below)). We are totally flexible in arrangement and can potentially organize anything which is in interns interest. Our aim is to develop smart instruments (guitar/drums/saxophone with android phone as an addon), and intern is encouraged to bring his/her own passion into the project (we can make a custom guitar or modify your instrument but that requires more than 2 or 3 months of work - longer internship can be arranged). You can presume a lot of social life as Koper is a student city and a tourist location at the same time. So, say "hi" at [email protected] and hope to see you in the sunny city of Koper in a beautiful country Slovenia. Work schedule is flexible and you can and should make sure you get enough rest and free time for yourself to feel good so you can contribute with joy and creativity which is key. Please read this: https://www.irzu.org/internships

No financial compensation


android  programming  
English: Proficient User C1