Quality Assurance Internship

Communication and Information Sciences, Engineering and/or Technology, Mathematics and/or Informatics
1 Feb, 2019 to 31 Mar, 2019
31 Jan, 2019

General information

2 months

We are looking for a technology-enthusiatic individual to for an internship in Q & A. You'll be working with cutting-edge technologies and gaining unparallel first-hand experience in the fast-growing field of indoor positoning. The position and exact tasks will be tailored to your skill level and experience. The tasks can vary from manual repeated tests to code compiling, and automated testing. The most important is the right attitude and ability to carry out tests independently after the initial introduction. We'll be also happy to let you device and carry out our own tests based on your interests and studies. We don't expect you to be an expert in indoor positioning, but we hope to see keen interest in learning more about the very current topic.

You'll be working both with the sales/support team in the office (Annina and Kalle), and our remotely working development team (Mika, Sami, Matej and Matej).

We are open to taking interns for any period of time ranging between 1 - 12 months, whenever suited for your schedule. We offer flexible working hours, but are looking for an intern that will be physically present at our office during their internship.

Proximi.io's customer base is international, and our official company language is English. Our office is based in the biggest startup hub in the Nordics, Maria01, in the heart of Helsinki. Even though our team is small, you get to enjoy the vibrant, international atmosphere and weekly events arranged in the building. Whether you are interested in yoga classes, gym training or afterwork drinks, you'll be able to find company at the office.

Some of the tasks that your internship could include, tailored to your skills and studies:
- Usability tests of mobile applications
- Usability tests of web portal
- Breaking tests
- Planning and carrying out tests for different parameters of our algorithms
- Planning and carrying out tests for different hardware
- Testing out CRUD requests to our REST API
- Carrying out build tests with our SDK
- Developing your own mobile app with our SDK

We hope that you have a keen interest in technology, and are studying a relevant subject. We are happy to welcome someone who is just staring their career in technology, or a more experienced Q&A engineering student. Fluency in English required. Most importantly - you have to possess the courage to endure the Finnish winter weather! :)

No financial compensation


indoor positioning  Bluetooth  GPS  mobile positioning  quality  assurance  SDK  API  development  testing  developer  Android  iOS  
English: Proficient User C1