Recruitment Internship - Manchester, UK - Tx Group

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Social Sciences
United Kingdom
1 Sep, 2020 to 31 Jul, 2021
31 Aug, 2020

General information

6 months

Tx Group is a growing private therapy organisation, providing a variety of health and education therapy services in the North West of England. As UK’s leading provider of private professional therapy services, Tx Group prides itself on offering expert input into over 20 established therapy brands including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, educational and clinical psychology, orthotics, prosthetics, podiatry, sports performance therapy, massage therapy, personal training and Pilates. 

We provide patient-centred care that is seamless, accessible and high quality. Our employees embody professionalism, with our experts working tirelessly to offer exemplary clinical service and our support staff strive to provide impeccable customer service for our clients. 

Tx Group keeps its patients at the heart of all it does and values the importance of teamwork, effective communication, honesty and openness. We offer a safe and supportive environment, along with the best resources available to facilitate our clients in achieving their goals and realising their full potential. We work hard to ensure our clients get the best possible results and by always staying true to our values, we have gained a reputation as an organisation that exceeds expectations.  

For our recruitment internship, day to day duties in the office will involve advertising vacancies, shortlisting candidates that apply for jobs, answering candidates enquiries via email about job positions and communicating with prospective candidates. Other essential tasks include arranging candidate pre-employment testing, scheduling and conducting interviews, both video and in-person interviews. This internship also includes providing candidates with feedback and recommending candidates for second interviews.

This position is perfect for anybody who is interested in: Human Resources, HR, business administration, recruitment and headhunting

What does it take to be successful in this role?

To be successful within this role you would need to:

  • Be highly organised and have a positive impact on recruitment in the organisation 

  • Work hard and demonstrate dedication to developing and learning new skills 

  • Communicate effectively and respectfully with all colleagues and potential candidates you encounter

  • Work well independently, using your initiative and problem-solving skills to improve and develop existing processes

  • Be flexible and proactive in your approach to work and college

  • Welcome responsibility and new challenges

  • Act as a champion for Tx Group 

  • Stay true to the organisation’s values

The Ideal Candidate:

The successful applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • No previous experience is required.

  • Create good first impressions

  • Make candidates enthusiastic and excited about positions

  • Internal communication with people within the organisation and external communication with candidates. 

Our ideal candidate will have a high level of English skills, both written and verbal. We are looking for someone with strong organisational and good communication skills. Excellent customer service skills are also fundamental, as well as being competent with time management and prioritisation. 

The person chosen will be amenable, friendly, approachable and dependable. We are looking for someone confident with a willingness to try new things. Being conscientious, a people person, enthusiastic and responsible are key attributes of our ideal candidate. 

Why us?

At Tx Group, we believe that looking after our employees and providing them with an enjoyable working environment is an important aspect of a successful organisation. If you are successful in this application process, you will be able to enjoy:

  • Working for an expanding organisation with increasing opportunities for staff

  • A friendly and supportive working environment 

  • Obtaining a recognised qualification whilst you work

  • Career development opportunities

  • Internal and external training opportunities to help you work towards your career goals

  • Regular appraisals and reviews to help your development

  • Regular social activities

  • Appreciation of your hard work

  • Performance-related bonus scheme



To apply for this internship please email a copy of your CV with a covering letter to [email protected] 

In the covering message/letter, please ensure that you answer the following questions:

  1. Do you have Skype (if so what are your contact details)?

  2. Do you have WhatsApp (if so what are your contact details)?

  3. Do you have Facebook Messenger (if so what are your contact details)?

  4. How long is the internship for? (our minimum internships are 4 months)

  5. What dates are you looking to start/finish your internship? 

  6. When do you graduate? 

No financial compensation


Human Resources  Recruitment  HR  
English: Proficient User C1