Remote Video Editor and Animator for an International Marketing Agency

Art and Design, Communication and Information Sciences, Engineering and/or Technology
1 Jun, 2024 to 31 Aug, 2024
31 May, 2024

General information

3 months

We are an international digital marketing agency with a fully remote team in search of ambitious people who want to join our team.

Our objective is that the successful interns who work with us will be hired after the initial internship. 

We are aware that many internships don’t give people in the marketing related fields the practical and learning experiences they need once finishing studies, our internship program is different.

Our programs are huge learning experiences. We use the most up-to-date tools and implement many of the new-age marketing and advertising strategies being used today. 

We believe in learning by doing. Each program is a mix of theory and practical over the initial month and then you’ll gradually be moving into mostly practical, with the help of our team of experts. 


Video Editing & Animation Role 

Videos are a big part of many marketing and advertising strategies, combined with a knowledge of  social media and advertising, is a very impactful combination of skills that almost every business needs today. With the use of industry-standard tools, analytics and AI, you will learn an incredible amount in a short space of time.

The successful applicants will learn about each process with examples and tests at each stage. We specialise in many forms of video editing, such as:

  • Videos for social ads

  • Videos for reels, highlights and stories

  • Various types of videos for different platforms

  • Tutorial videos

  • Explainer videos

  • Testimonial videos

  • Videos for various uses on a website

  • & more

Learning and implementing the different styles of video editing for different types of clients and projects will give you a wide range of experiences.

The Details

3-6 month period

  • Various start dates

  • Paid internship

  • Fully remote

  • Job opportunity after the internship

  • Working with an experienced team

  • Having access to industry-standard tools and platforms

  • Learning and implementing up-to-date marketing/advertising strategies

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Internship - Video Editor and Animator


Financial compensation
English: Proficient User C1