Research and coordination ecological agriculture

Agriculture Sciences, Geography and/or Geology, Natural Sciences
Tramonti (SA)
1 Feb, 2020 to 31 Dec, 2020
15 Feb, 2020

General information

9 months

We are a local environmental organization involved in the recovery of old local seed varieties on the terrace area of the Amalfi Coast. We are looking for an intern to organize and assist in the creation and implementation of field experiments and cultivation of a rare local tomato variety "Re Fiascone" and examining soil quality via insect bio-indicators.

Your tasks:

  • Be part of all of the 2019 tomato production phases (preparations, cultivation, harvest, logistics, and others)
  • Managing of experimental fields: Plan, implement and register effects of various agricultural methods for tomato cultivation on a terraced landscape. Coordinate assisting volunteers in this task over short periods
  • Work together with local farmers, collect information about their management methods and assist them in cultivational matters in collaboration with an agronomist.
  • Establish a code for production purposes
  • Take soil samples from our current cultivation fields and examine insect biodiversity, identify insects and conclude upon their role as bio-indicators & elaborating a soil quality index during the entomology project
  • Assist in other of the association’s projects

You will learn:

  • About the local seed variety “Re Fiascone”, its cultivation & tradition and the specific ecological and agricultural situation of the terraces of the Amalfi Coast
  • The connections between agricultural, environmental and local development issues
  • Local terrace cultivation, and corresponding project implementation and coordination
  • The design of experimental fields in this context
  • Theoretical and practical soil quality examination, insect identification and biodiversity measurement


  • Have a background in environmental or agricultural science
  • Speak English on a sufficient working level (B2)
  • Are an active and curious learner and independent worker
  • Enjoy working in international environments and working in a team of a young organization and start-up engaged in different projects

During the selection phase will consists of a skype interview, discussing work preferences and duration of the internship.

Knowledge of Italian is considered an important plus.


For more details visit the links below:

Official website:

The Re Fiascone tomato – season 2018:

No financial compensation


environment  sustainable development  biodiversity  research  local production  organic agriculture  permaculture  field experiment  agriculture  entomology  tomato  start-up  

Additional Information

The internship is unpaid, so we encourage candidates to apply for Erasmus or Leonardo funding. Trainees will have the opportunity to learn Italian, to keep practising on English, to learn about sustainable development projects and to travel. Other in kind support will be provided at the office where all the equipment will be at disposal, free use of the kitchen’s office and some meals during the month when organizational reasons require it. The association have a guesthouse that can be used by interns. As finding a cheap accommodation is not easy in our area, we decided to create a supporting system that would save students from the trouble to look for an accommodation.
English: Independent User B2
agricultural competences
independent working
team work