Research Internship. Development of fluorescent nanovesicles for theragnostic

Engineering and/or Technology, Medical Sciences
Barcelona (Bellaterra)
1 Oct, 2021 to 30 Jun, 2022
31 Jul, 2021

General information

8 months

The Erasmus+ student will be integrated within the group of Dr. Nora Ventosa (, research scientist at NANOMOL Group from the Institute of Materials Science at Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC).

NANOMOL was created with a clear mission for excellence in materials research. It has nowadays a wide expertise and recognized distinction in the synthesis, processing and study of molecule-based materials with chemical, electronic, magnetic and biomedical properties. Thus, there will be a range of potential avenues of investigation to discuss between the Erasmus+ student interested on nanoscience and the host researcher, Dr. Nora Ventosa. Overall, the group led by Dr. Ventosa have made important contributions on the field of nanomaterials, particularly on the development of novel fluorescent nanovesicles as bioimaging probes.

Thus, the young researcher would be involved on exploring new fluorescent nanovesicles with improved properties, such us photodynamic activity or the functionalization of the nanovesicles with targeting units. The research work will allow the Young researcher to obtain or apply experience in:

- Synthesis of organic nanovesicles
- Spectroscopic characterization (UV-Vis, Fluorescence…)
- Physical-chemical, structural, and morphological characterization (e.g. TEM)

The student will join an interdisciplinary team and will work closely with other members of the group.

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 


Nanomedicine  nanovesicles  fluorescent probes  photodynamic therapy  bioimaging  

Additional Information

Although previous experience is not required, we expect to host a highly motivated student with good capacity for team working and eager to acquire new knowledge and skills. Applicants must have an average grade or undergraduate grade equal to or greater than 7 out of 10. The period of the internship can be discussed with the researcher depending on your interests, for further details, please contact the researche
English: Proficient User C1
Spanish: Basic User A1
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