Research Internship in wearable devices for biomarkers detection in sweat

Education and/or Teacher Training
Bellaterra, Barcelona
7 Jan, 2021 to 7 Jun, 2021
25 Feb, 2021

General information

8 months
3-4 days per week

The Erasmus+ student will be hosted by the group of Chemical Transducers of the Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona (IMB-CNM; Our aim is to contribute to the advance of knowledge through multidisciplinary research in the field of sensors, electrochemical methods of characterization, materials for membranes, analytical methods and microfluidics.
The candidate will offer support to the WEcare project whose objective is the development of wearable devices for the measurement of biomarkers in sweat during exercise. For that, the student will collaborate in the laboratory tasks of one doctoral student currently working on this topic. Main tasks are characterization of the sensors, optimization of the microfluidics and evaluation of the wearable device under laboratory conditions.
During the stage, the Erasmus student will get research experience in a highly multidisciplinary environment, where a good number of young PhD students and researchers are working in different areas like microelectronics, semiconductor technologies, sensors, materials for sensors and microfluidics. The student will also have the opportunity to attend to all the seminars held at IMB-CNM institute as well as at the Campus of the UAB, where the institute is located. In this campus there is a large number of Faculties and Research centres where the chances to be trained in different disciplines are large.

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 


sensors  electrochemistry  wearables  microfluidics  sweat  

Additional Information

Please, submit CV specifying the courses and subjects and a letter of interest. Training will be supervised by Cecilia Jimenez and Cesar Fernandez. Cecilia Jiménez ORCID 0000-0003-2381-0033 Cesar Fernández ORCID 0000-0003-2779-9281
English: Independent User B2
Spanish: Basic User A2
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