Sales and Marketing Assistent

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Social Sciences
12 Jan, 2020 to 10 May, 2020
1 Dec, 2019

General information

4 months

We are looking for a talented and highly motiviated person to support and push our sales and marketing presence in Europe. You will stay in close contact with our CEO and also with a lot of different (potential) customers. You should be able to communicate professionally in all different kind of szenarios. 

What your skills/ profile should look like:

  • Happy to communicate
  • Able to formulate ideas and strategies 
  • Presenting yourself, your ideas and our product 
  • Willing to communicate with potential and existing customers
  • Creating visually appealing presentations
  • Good ressource planning

We expect you to work independetly and to learn fast. 

What you as a person should look like:

  • You love to build and structure new things - we are a start-up, not a cooperation
  • You believe in climate change and want to develop a  product with us, that makes an impact
  • You love to talk to people, and you love to hear what people have to say
  • You want feedback and you can give feedback - we work in an open feedback culture

We have a few social media channels and depending on your skills and your preference we would love to strengthen our online presence with your motiviation and know-how. Our CMO will be happy to talk to you, if you are interested. 

No financial compensation


Online Marketing  Sales  Communication  
English: Independent User B1
German: Independent User B2