Sapient Team Coordinator - from November (6 months minimum)

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences
2 Nov, 2020 to 3 May, 2021
31 Mar, 2020

General information

6 months

Established in Jan 2016, Sapient is a project-oriented, social business, and democratic organization.

We believe that every individual is unique and talented, and has the potential to make a positive change in this world. Here everybody can express themselves and manage their own work.


We want to make a difference and support every idea that can solve the challenges we see in the world and our society. We are young inspired individuals, from all over the world who dedicate themselves to stop food waste, renew democracy, provide local green energy solutions, and help other social businesses in their path to positive impact. 


We have projects and each of them has its own goals and team. The teams work individually, but together, with freedom, but with defined goals and responsibilities. Our interns are Padawans , already with power and making decisions.

The opportunity

Sapient is in a phase that requires many tasks to be done simultaneously in order to increase our impact. Anyone who would like to have a more in-depth understanding of social business, social & environmental impact, and participating in a dynamic, proactive and young environment are welcome to apply for this internship. 

The Sapient team works hard to impact and involve as many people & organizations as possible, thus, there are many exciting daily tasks and we are open for suggestions for new directions we could take. You are very welcome to try your best and obtain the experience you are seeking. We will tailor the internship to you. You will have the opportunity to meet new people and bring onboard to our network. 

Sapient Team Coordinator

Do you like challenges and don´t give up so easily? Then apply for this position and be “right and left hand” for our founder of Sapient! 

As the Sapient team coordinator, you will be assisting directly to the founder of Sapient organization, and helping with the coordination of the team at Sapient and managing the founder´s agenda and appointments, helping with the time - management and handling social business processes. You will communicate in English all the time, for that reason, it's necessary to be fluent in English. One of the main job responsibilities will be handling tasks and projects to make sure Padawans (our interns) keep their target times, and supporting the busy schedule of our founder.

You will be attending various meetings, workshops, and conferences on a daily basis. As the team coordinator, you will learn a lot about sustainability and social business. You will support the projects and the interns of Sapient.

Come and be part of the awesome team, be involved in various projects and collaborations, and explore the world of democratic social business!

English is a must

This position will involve English writing, reading and conversation skills. You need to have an excellent knowledge of English to be able to contribute to the work. In general communication with Dutch entrepreneurs can be done in English.  All communication in the office is done in English as well. If you feel your level of English needs improvement, please take care of that before applying.
We are covering the Netherlands therefore along with English,  any knowledge of the Dutch language is an advantage and will also help you with your social life.  ;-)

Internship duration and working hours:

You can choose the duration that suits you best but we require a minimum of 6 months for this position. You can choose your own working hours as full-time or part-time as long as you strictly follow the program you set for yourself. Our recommendations are:

Full-time: 8hrs/day - 5 days/week

Part-time: 5hrs/day - 5 days/week

We can always negotiate to decide how long should the internship be and how many hours per day are suitable for you, as well as days per week
You can also work fewer days per week, which leaves you time to work as well on other projects or ideas you might have for your future or have an income-earning job on the side.


Please note: This position requires being very flexible to be able to follow a schedule of our founder.


We have no fixed office and work from various places in Amsterdam like the VU (Vrij Universiteit), UVA (Universiteit Van Amsterdam), or OBA (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam), as well as other co-working spaces in the city.

Who do we like to work with:

The Sapient team is comprised of people who are punctual, team-oriented, goal-driven, proactive, and highly motivated to make the world a better place. We require the same from all our team members, so they can fit in this environment we created.

Your work will be mostly done with the cooperation of our founder, but also with other interns so you will have to be very independent, self-supportive, proactive and outgoing and being able to manage your own time in view of the goals to be achieved. We have team meetings at least once a week where we try to create a strong team feeling and you will be required to fit into that. We like our Padawan to come with solutions instead of problems.


The position you applied for requires a lot of management skills and being able to handle stressful situations. It is necessary to have an advanced English language. You need to have excellent skills in the following: 

Decision-making, strategic planning, communication, fast-learning, flexibility, self-confidence, time-management and more.

The key to this position is effective communication and flexibility so that you will be able to follow multiple tasks and challenges every day. It is necessary to have the ability to manage people and tasks and be familiar with Google Drive. Also, you need to have the capability to handle conflict situations and interact with the people in an efficient way. 

This position is rigorous and hair-trigger so it's important to have the power of work under high pressure and control apprehension.


During this internship, you will have a chance to improve skills from different fields, gain knowledge how to run a small company and explore a lot about sustainability. 



For this position it is required to be available at least 6 months, not less. Motivation and interest in social entrepreneurship and/or social startups.

Being a team coordinator requires following qualifications:

  • Excellence communication skills

  • Excellence management skills

  • Flexibility

  • Open-mindness

  • Excellence time-management skills

  • Action-oriented, takes initiative, spontaneous

  • Social personality, good at communicating with people and enjoys social activities, bringing people together

  • Skilled at presentations and comfortable communicating to large groups of people

  • Event Management skills/experience is also a plus

Do you / are you . . . . ?

Believe in a better world; Environmentally safe and friendly; social; passionate about social business and other initiatives in the Netherlands and around the world;equality for all; positive impact oriented, sharing economy promoter; a believer in a fair society; rational; logical; good hearted; make sense; fight food waste; believe in a better democracy; know that every individual can create positive impact?
Yes to all ???  Wow….. then you are more than welcome to join us   :-)

Contact information: 

Please send your CV, a motivation letter, available period, and name of the position to:
[email protected]

Be sure to add the words “Internship application [position]” in the subject header so we can easily distribute your mail to the other team members.


No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 
English: Proficient User C2
Level of Studies: