SEO analyst

Communication and Information Sciences, Languages and Philological Sciences, Social Sciences
United Kingdom
10 May, 2021 to 10 Sep, 2021
7 May, 2021

General information

4 months

Job Description


This long-term opportunity is for someone who wants to work remotely with a growing international team.


The role of an SEO & Data Analyst is a perfect fit for someone who is interested in how SEO works and how a website or certain marketing strategies can be enhanced by making data driven decisions.


About Mamma Marketing


Mamma Marketing is a full-service team helping small businesses grow online. We do everything for them, from websites and SEO to social media and several marketing strategies performed on behalf of the business.


We truly believe in giving a high quality service to small businesses at a very affordable price. We help them achieve their goals and a high return on their investment from what we do for them. is our website


About the internship


We believe in coaching young, enthusiastic people who want to become part of an international team. We implement the same new age marketing strategies that are used by the biggest companies and best marketing agencies around today.


You’ll learn a lot with our team, we start off with training and involve you through practical experience on our own projects along with some client projects.


We select and train interns to work with us for the long term, not just for an internship.


This is a non-paid 12 week internship


About our team


We’re a growing international team that's expanded its network and partners all over Europe, and in parts of Asia, Australia and North America. 


You will be joining a high energy, young, motivated team with a great work ethic. We're a full-service team of writers, marketers, developers, designers, video editors and other specialties!​ 


What we can do for you


Our young yet experienced team will first educate you on what we do, how we do it and why. We’ll be sending lots of helpful videos, online classes, assignments and more so that you practically learn through experience. 


The initial onboarding and training period lasts 1-2 weeks depending on the role and then you’ll be ready to work on certain projects while taking a few hours each week to continue learning about the strategies we use for certain projects.


You will understand the most up to date marketing, lead generation, website building, social media and advertising strategies used by the biggest companies today. 


You’ll gain lots of first-hand experience implementing marketing strategies alongside senior members of the team. After several weeks when you’re ready, you’ll have the autonomy of carrying out certain projects yourself with the guidance of our team to help, give critique and suggestions.


For those of you who are capable of carrying out these projects to a high quality, we hope to continue with a full or part time job after the internship. 


For interns who are using this as a stepping stone, you’ll gain lots of experience in marketing, working remotely with an international team and references to use on your portfolio and CV for your next challenge in life.


Role and responsibilities


- We're looking for an energetic, creative and hardworking person to join our team.


- The role involves analysing and developing strategies for various projects we’re working on. You’ll be working on projects in a variety of industries and for different countries. When we develop our strategies based on the data and SEO software findings. You'll have a full service team to work with, consisting of designers, marketers, developers, strategists, video editors, salespeople and more to work with on developing each project.


- You'll be involved in a lot of brainstorming with our marketing team on how we can improve the performance on several different websites and marketing campaigns. 


- You'll be actively researching evolving trends of our own projects and for clients including keyword opportunities, user actions on our websites, advertising campaign data, marketing data, and much, much more. We are working on a variety of different projects so you won’t be only working on one industry, you’ll be learning about several different industries. 


- We're continuously brainstorming and coming up with sales and marketing ideas for various projects, internal and for clients. By really digging deep into the data, we quickly see what changes, improvements and A/B tests have to be implemented. We always encourage creativity and new ideas!


Communication & Organisation


We communicate during the day using slack, video and phone calls.


We have an organised and efficient system yet we're flexible and open to new ideas. We're always developing our system of how we work, manage projects and carry out tasks, with the goal of working together more effectively while having fun with what we do.


Our team is always sharing what works and what doesn't, we encourage learning from our own or other people's mistakes.


Mamma Marketing is the root of the Mamma. 


The Mamma mission is to share as much quality, useful information as possible, especially in niche areas that really help people who need it the most. 


Sounds good to you?


To apply for this internship, please take the first step and fill out the short fill out form here at this link below:


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Take Care!


No financial compensation
English: Proficient User C2