Business Studies and/or Management Science, Humanities, Social Sciences
30 Jun, 2023 to 30 Dec, 2023
31 May, 2023

General information

6 months

Service design consists in understanding a path within a service made of several contact points seen through the user’s path.
As a Service Designer at X23 you will contribute on delivering services that will positively impact people and bring value to client’s business. You will be talking to people in order to get insights from them, so you can deliver the best solution for a given problem. Also, you will work on projects where community-based decision or participatory processes are needed, to to come together with stakeholders to put everyone on the same table as they equally contribute and keep people on mind, because you all know that these people will make use of the service, so it’s your job to turn it less frictionless and more enjoyable.

Given X23 mission, the focus is not only on the shape, ergonomics, which design is usually associated with, but about the « human relations, the interactions and the paths in given territories ». In brief, this is an approach where design goes beyond its role of natural conception between a product and a user. The goal is to help define the new models or concepts linked to the social needs and economic changes on a short and medium term. To explore new business territories (economic model) in order to help companies make decisions regarding the future services it intends to offer.

Job duties and the responsibilities

  • To contextualise the demand and help define the need (both in policy-making and products or process definition)
  • To personalise the design approach and elaborate tailor-made specifications
  • To facilitate the internal communication in order to de-compartmentalise the services or stakeholders involved in the realisation of the project
  • To alert on the different options and modalities of the project’s implementation
  • To put the companies’ or organisations' needs and strategy into perspective, in order to ensure the coherence of the project.

You will be requested: 

  • To perform User Research to make sure we are asking the right questions in order to get the right answers.
  • To design the User Journey Map so you can identify pain points and issues that need to be addressed in a given service.
  • To plan and execute co-creation workshops with stakeholders in order to propose the most viable solution for a given problem.
  • To Use the available resources to prototype services in order to validate ideas and iterate on it.
  • To design the Service Blueprint and prepare it to be presented and delivered to the client.


Not just your fit if you:

  • Do not know what is Design Thinking.
  • Do not what Design-Driven and User Centric.
  • Do not how to plan and execute User Research and extract Insights from it.
  • Do not how to design a User Journey Map.
  • Do not understand the three basic service moments: Before, During and After.
  • Do not understand what Touch-points and Channels are.
  • Do not understand the differences between Front stage and Back stage.
  • Do not know what are pain points.
  • Do not how to plan and execute co-creation workshops with stakeholders.
  • Do not use the available resources to prototype services and validate ideas.
  • Do not know how to design a Service Blueprint and prepare it to be presented and delivered to the client.

Key skills:

  • Creativity
  • Good design culture
  • To know each trade’s expertise and its specific qualifications
  • To have a good understanding of the economic stakes of the company or the organisation, of its market, of its image and of its brand strategy
Financial compensation
Transportation costs
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Years of Experience required: 
English: Proficient User C1
Italian: Basic User A1
Level of Studies: