Social media manager and strategist for Breathing Labs, Slovenia

Communication and Information Sciences
9 Oct, 2023 to 8 Dec, 2023
31 May, 2023

General information

3 months

Breathing Labs company in Slovenia needs to implement the new content dissemination system that generates fresh content from carefully picked online content (scrappers + webhooks -> profilers -> regex -> json formatting -> social media posting). An intern will work with founder and supervisory board to design a strategy for this content dissemination and to provide captions, titles, and hashtags for social media. Additionally an intern will recycle old breathinglabs’ posts from facebook, instagram, pinterest, and twitter with fresh captions and will carefully target audiences using hashtags and group/channel targeting. Social media strategy must consider ethics, relevance, safety, health compliance, and local culture appropriateness. Intern is required to be fluent in written and spoken english, in memes and general web culture, must have experience with social media, google docs, google sheets, and general knowledge of web browsers and extensions/addons/plugins. Breathing Labs will provide programming, scripting, and automation work to make the most of this strategy and to beta test it before deployment. All work can be done through phone or in a meeting either at location Koper or remotely (at your home). In case of remote work it will be harder to reimburse an intern from erasmus+ fund which is a topic that is lately being heavily discussed (due to covid situation). An intern is encouraged to continue to work as an affiliate manager according to these guidelines: (affiliate system has not been promoted much yet and only 2 affiliates are active at this time + many retail partners).  Please read this:

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 


social media, integromat, zapier, ifttt, XML, json  
English: Proficient User C2