Social Media, Media Production & Communication Manager

Communication and Information Sciences, Languages and Philological Sciences
25 Oct, 2019 to 5 Oct, 2021
15 Nov, 2019

General information

5 months
3-4 days per week

Social Media Manager

  • The main responsibility will be to promote Crisalix on the Social Networks through 3 types of posts:

    1. Funny light content that is linked to the industry of cosmetic procedure sector.

    2. News and trends:

      • You will identify influencers/trade shows/magazines in the industry of cosmetic procedures and repost the most relevant news and  updates. 

      • Congresses: Links, dates, etc… 

      • Innovations: Technological improvements in the area of esthetics, etc… 

      • Crisalix new features, improvements on the modelisations, new dummies, etc.. 

      • Crisalix Product Promotions. 

      • Crisalix team… This is important to show the humans behind the Crisalix Brand and to be more relatable. Posts can be of team members playing Fussball, the Crisalix Football team, Birthdays, new recruits, etc….

    3. You will create educational material:

      • You will conduct extensive research on very specific and technical areas mostly in the fields of digital marketing and sales, but also in cosmetic procedures.  

      • You will redact long articles using the information that you have gathered.

  • You will post on Instagram and Facebook

  • You will monitor the performance of the social media campaigns.


Media Production

  • You will use our little video production studio in the office to create quality videos:

    • Advertisements

    • Models for our 3D simulations

    • Trainings

    • Webinars

    • Etc...


Communication Manager

  • Using the data from the most liked articles you posted, you will create two newsletters:

    1. One for Crisalix clients and prospects

    2. One for Crisalix employees

Your profile 

  • Dynamic and self-motivated person.

  • Genuine and nice person.

  • Reliable, organised and timely.

  • Strong will to learn and get better.

  • Native English Speaker.

  • Background (Study or demonstrable experience) in Journalism, Social Media or  communication:

    • Capacity to write quality long articles.

    • Capacity to shoot quality videos and photos.

  • Excellent communication, both spoken and written.

  • Excellent knowledge on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Familiarity with Hootsuite and Social Blade is a plus.

Financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 
English: Proficient User C2