Software Engineer Developer

Engineering and/or Technology, Mathematics and/or Informatics
1 Jun, 2022 to 31 Aug, 2022
31 May, 2022

General information

3 months

1nfluencersmarketing helps brands tell their story with powerful influencer & content marketing technology.1nfluencers software allows brands and agencies to identify and contact millions of social influencers and bloggers at scale, as well as manage and analyse their influencer marketing campaigns. Since the launch of our SaaS software in March 2019, the company has shown a double-digit growth rate month over month and we are looking to expand even more. Our team is international and ever-growing, distributed between our offices in Copenhagen and Porto.

We are opening an Erasmus + Internship opportunity for the position of Sotware Engineer to help us keep growing. If you're dedicated and ambitious, 1nfluencersmarketing is an excellent place to grow your career. Don't hesitate to apply.

Objectives of this Role

  • Building and setting up new development tools and infrastructure

  • Understanding the needs of stakeholders and conveying this to developers

  • Working on ways to automate and improve development and release processes

  • Testing and examining code written by others and analyzing results

  • Ensuring that systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats

  • Identifying technical problems and developing software updates and ‘fixes’

  • Working with software developers and software engineers to ensure that development follows established processes and works as intended

  • Planning out projects and being involved in project management decisions


Programming languages/Tech:


  • -   Python (FastAPI && Flask) 

  • -   PHP 8 & 7.3+

  • -   Basic JavaScript package management (Yarn || Npm)

  • -   MongoDB && MySQL

  • -   Docker and Docker-compose

  • -   CircleCI (for CI/CD)

  • -   Git

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

  • Deploy updates and fixes

  • Provide Level 2 technical support

  • Build tools to reduce occurrences of errors and improve customer experience

  • Develop software to integrate with internal back-end systems

  • Perform root cause analysis for production errors

  • Investigate and resolve technical issues

  • Develop scripts to automate visualization

  • Design procedures for system troubleshooting and maintenance

Skills and Qualifications

  • BSc in Computer Science, Engineering or relevant field

  • Experience as a DevOps Engineer or similar software engineering role

  • Proficient with git and git workflows

  • Profound knowledge with Linux/Unix: machine proper maintenance and safety-dealing, dependencies management, back/forward compatibility

  • Automation & Scriptability knowledge: know how to deal with scripting languages: Python, Perl, etc. Creation and improvement of Shell scripts for automation, service management, auto logging/debugging of self-made applications.

  • Experience with Containers and Pipelines, such as: Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, etc.

  • Understand common Infrastructure (AWS) components: dealing with EC2 instances, Lambda’s, Load Balancers, EBs, Route 53, dealing with Private Nets, CDN (CloudFront) and basic networking strategies

  • Knowhow/experience on managing Relational and NoSQL databases, extend and improve the current DB schemes

  • Working knowledge of databases and SQL

  • Problem-solving attitude

  • Collaborative team spirit

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master's degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering

  • Experience with software engineering and customer experience 

  • Experience developing engineering applications for a large corporation

No financial compensation
English: Proficient User C1
Level of Studies: