Spanish mother tongue: experience every-day life in the city of your choice in Europe, as an intern with an international start-up

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Languages and Philological Sciences
26 Jan, 2023 to 26 Jan, 2024
9 Feb, 2023

General information

3 months
3-4 days per week

Duration: 3-12 months



Full time or part-time



A fantastic opportunity to live in and explore the city of your dreams and get hands-on experience in an exciting international start-up in the area of arts, culture, travel, tourism is a fast-growing international start-up that generates tailor-made itineraries using an algorithm, based on destination, dates, opening and closing hours and tourist preferences.


We are looking for six Erasmus interns, to help us, starting anytime from March onwards. Your internship can be done online (providing it is not in the country where you live) or in one of our offices. Please note that it's no longer possible to do the entire internship in London, but Dublin is a very popular alternative. Minimum three months. Six months or more is preferable. Due to Covid 19, you may be required to do your internship online. However our internships are about exploring a foreign city, so sitting in an office in front of a computer is not really our thing


PLEASE NOTE: if you receive a notification via to inform you that you have been "accepted" for this internship, please email us at [email protected] within 48 hours, to enable us to set up an interview.


You will be required to do some Market research to identify possible partners to contact, help us keep up with existing partners, identify tourist attractions such as museums, shows, restaurants, bars and boutiques to add to our itinerary planner and website, to contact them and to write a brief description on our platform.

You will also be required to post for social media. And will be encouraged to visit the city you are in and to take videos and photos for online publication

If you have coding experience you will work alongside our programmers on a series of projects


Preferred Qualifications:

-Strong written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.

-Passion for entertainment/tourist business.

-Some sales and/or marketing backgrounds preferred

-Excellent organisation, time management, and prioritisation skills.

-Ability to manage multiple tasks and projects with attention to detail and follow up.

-Ability to navigate corporate structures to identify decision-makers and determine the decision-making process.

-Ability to work well in a team environment, along with being self-motivated and independent.

-Active listening skills.

-Self-motivated with an entrepreneurial spirit.

-Ability to identify, target and secure new clients and business opportunities in target markets

Full training and support offered

No financial compensation
English: Proficient User C2
Spanish: Proficient User C2
Level of Studies: