Starting in March 2023 - Content Creator Paid Internship + Irish Marketing Agency Based in Madrid

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Languages and Philological Sciences
1 Mar, 2023 to 31 May, 2023
11 Apr, 2023

General information

3 months

This long-term opportunity is for a creative writer who wants to work with a growing international team.

We're looking for an energetic, creative and hardworking person to join our team.

The role involves helping the marketing team on a wide range of tasks related to writing blog posts, and social media posts, helping with video creation (text-wise), email marketing and all other campaigns our team is working on.

You’ll be working with our marketing and management team on developing our campaigns targeted at various industries. We have a full-service team of designers, marketers, developers, video editors, salespeople and more to work with on developing each campaign and project.

You'll be involved in a lot of brainstorming with our sales and marketing team on how we can improve marketing campaigns based on open rates, click-through rates and other tracking tools we use to analyse the results of ongoing campaigns.

We believe in coaching young, enthusiastic people who want to become part of an international team. We implement the same new-age marketing strategies that are used by the biggest companies and best marketing agencies around today.

You’ll learn a lot with our team, we start off with training and involve you through practical experience on our own projects along with some client projects.
We select and train successful candidates to work with us for the long term.

This is a 12-week internship and if you are successful, we will hire you at the end of the 12 weeks

Sounds good to you?

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