Education and/or Teacher Training, Humanities, Languages and Philological Sciences
Córdoba, Cordoba, Granada, Málaga, Malaga
1 Dec, 2018 to 30 Jun, 2019
30 Dec, 2020

General information

9 months



EUROPROYECTOS is a Spanish training company with a long experience in working within the framework of Erasmus+ Mobility  projects as well as other European programmes (i.e. Youth, Human Capital, etc.). Our company is able and willing to receive trainees from the most varied fields of activity and from any European country for a training placement period in Andalusia, in Southern Spain.

EUROPROYECTOS  collaborates with Sending organisations interested in sending a group of students (VET-COMP or VET-SCHOOL) or teachers (VET-STAFF or VET-TAA) for developing their projects with us. We have already developed several projects in the following fields of activity: Translation and Interpreting; European Studies and International Relations; Spanish and other Foreign Languages; Education; Teaching; Hotel and Restaurant; Cooking; Waitering; Baking; Hairdressing and Aesthetics; Computer Sciences; Carpentry; Decorative Carving; Building; Plastering; Social Work; Electricity; Electronics; Mechanics; Mechatronics; Tourism; Gardening and Landscape Design, etc. Moreover, our company is prepared to receive students/professionals/teachers from all over Europe, we assure internship/professional visits in different companies, in the common ones (as all the fields above), as well as in those more and more popular: renewable energy sources, fine arts (music and plastic), etc..

 We are the first intermediary egency in Spain to be certified by European IS09001 and IS014001 in the management of European Mobility Projects

 We are an international company. We speak English, Spanish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Czech, French, Polish and Turkish.

Tasks of the trainee are:

-  Management of project docummentations for groups

- Organization of cultural activities and trips to Andalusian cities

- Accompying the groups during trips, cultural activities and events, 

- Support with the interpretation and translation when it is needed 

- Support with the Spanish Language Courses

**The trainee must speak at least English. WE WILL GIVE PRIORITY TO THOSE WHO SPEAK SPANISH.

(We are flexible about the dates of the traineeship)

No financial compensation
English: Independent User B2
Czech: Independent User B2
French: Independent User B2
German: Independent User B2
Greek: Independent User B2
Hungarian: Independent User B2
Italian: Independent User B2
Polish: Independent User B2
Romanian: Independent User B2
Spanish: Independent User B2
Turkish: Independent User B2