Swedish native: Marketing, Business Development and Support internship

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences
1 Feb, 2021 to 31 Aug, 2021
31 Jan, 2021

General information

6 months
3-4 days per week

Help everyone reach their full potential through learning and vitality. That's the purpose of Springest. What you do has a big impact on people's lives and careers. And the best thing? We help and push you to reach your full potential too.

We connect people who want to learn, to  companies who provide services and products like training, e-learning, coaching, books, videos and vitality. If it helps you reach your full potential, we want to help you discover it. 

Internally we speak English because we operate in multiple countries and employ many nationalities. For this internship we're looking for a native Swedish speaker to help us develop our efforts in Sweden. 

We always have opportunities for internships at Springest. You'll find some of the involved circles and roles below. Our aim is always to hire interns that would consider working for us after their studies as well, because we invest a lot and expect a lot back from you. We therefore also prefer (near) full time interns, but it's definitely OK to combine it with your thesis research. 


Listen to the experts (our interns)!

We could tell you a lot more, but prefer to let our interns speak for themselves. Read stories on Glassdoor (an independent employer review site) by:

  • Alexander Arzoni, finance intern doing bookkeeping and financial reporting . Alexander now works full time for Springest in several financial roles, you could call him a Junior Financial Controller.
  • Anne Fleur van der Wal,  finance intern doing bookkeeping and administrative customer support. Anne Fleur now works full time at Springest in a learning provider customer success role.
  • Juul Noordzij, customer service intern who did her extensive thesis research for her study "Culture Organization and Management" about how Holacracy impacts employee engagement and motivation. Now works full time for Springest as a learning advisor.
  • Niels Zee, marketing intern who ended up working with us full time, moving from Amsterdam to our Berlin office in the process
  • Monica Rivas-Smit, international (UK, Belgium, France) business development intern who got in at boardroom level and got out with a great presentation (see video below) about her time as an intern at Springest. 
  • Rogier van Rooij, business development intern who spent a lot of time researching sales opportunities and then reaching out himself, learning lots of tools and processes in the mean time. 

What you'll be doing

Enough about Springest and our interns, you want to know what you'll actually be doing and learning. Together with Frida and Danny you'll be executing and learning about the following topics. 


You will work closely with the SEO and content marketing roles. Together you ensure that Springest is on top when people look for learning. You will get experience in one of the most important disciplines in online marketing: Search Engine Optimization and Content Creation. A perfect kickstart of your career within the online start / scale-up scene. 

  • Writing content for Springest and external parties (for linkbuilding / PR).
  • Approaching other websites (via email and phone) for sharing content and placing links to Springest.
  • Researching and defining potential projects for other teams to improve our platform.

Sales / business development internships:

Working with and learning from our international business development team of 10+ people. Your responsibilities might include:

  • Pioneering the expansion of our business into a new market. Opportunities occur dependent on ongoing business development. For example the expansion into the Belgian and French markets.
  • Performing market research in the Learning & Development sector of new potential markets
  • Researching & improving user happiness: are we helping our users reach their full potential?
  • Learning how we're striking deals & partnerships with learning providers
  • Researching opportunities to better leverage the existing product features and our network

Customer support:

Working with and learning from our Provider Success team of 6 people and our Customer Support team of 7. Your responsibilities might include:

  • Researching ways to service our customers better in a scale-able way, now and in the future
  • Providing support to our customers and processing the feedback directly into our product/service
  • Doing in-dept market research, how is the provider landscape developing and how can Springest benefit from this.
  • Exploring ways to expand our businessmodel by adding value for providers
  • Creating and analysing overviews of competitors in the market (or new markets)


Financial compensation
Transportation costs
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L&D  Marketing  Sales  Support  Business Development  
English: Independent User B1
Swedish: Proficient User C2
Level of Studies: