Education and/or Teacher Training, Languages and Philological Sciences, Social Sciences
1 Jan, 2020 to 30 Jun, 2020
21 Dec, 2019

General information

6 months
2-3 days per week

We are looking for a sociable and friendly person to join our foreign language team. If you would like to share your language skills - English or Spanish and spend great time visiting our place do not hesitate!

No financial compensation


Conversational classes  

Additional Information

About us:  We are a primary school situated in the South of Poland in a thriving post industrial city of Zabrze. Our students are aged 7-15 and they are taught a wide variety of subjects, among which are 2 foreign languages - English and Spanish. All the teachers have completed top academic courses and are fully qualified and passionate staff. We recognize our students' talents to help them achieve their full potential. We offer them multiple extracurricular activities such as a journalist club, aikido classes, art club, scouting or rollerblading and bike trips. We value and seek to support the identities of every student in an environment which is open and built around mutual respect. The aim of oir school is to provide an exceptional education and enable students to be creative, polite, globally minded and confident. If you would like to become part of our team just let us know. We look forward to welcoming you. It will be a great fun to share oir cultural heritage in a friendly atmosphere :)