Teacher Assistant

Education and/or Teacher Training
Santa Cruz de La Palma
1 Oct, 2017 to 30 Jun, 2018
20 Oct, 2017

General information

2 months

We express our interest in offering you internships for students or graduates with one of these two profiles:

  • Native German speaker willing to work as a Teacher Assistant and help our students and teachers. Length of the internship: from 2 to 9 months. Dates open and flexible.
  • English speaker, good writing and speaking skills (B2 level), who can teach or assist our Vocational Studies (Intermediate or Higher level) students and staff in English and help to prepare their mobility within the Erasmus + projects. Length of the internship: from 2 to 9 months. Dates open and flexible.

We propose a series of tasks in which we would like you to take part in:

  • Improving the understanding and expression of our students.
  • Taking part in our school projects (Erasmus+, Solidary Schools, Environmental Education, Social Harmony, Health Schools, Learning about Africa)
  • Assisting with the teaching in the classroom, working with students with learning needs or with the more advanced students, helping with projects…
  • Transmitting information on the culture of your county.
  • Collaborating and taking part in the complementary activities and outside school activities.
  • Helping students and staff that participate in the Erasmus+ projects with their communicative competence.
  • Collaborating in the elaboration of didactic material.
  • Attending to Department meetings, staff meetings, Head of Departments meetings so as to become familiar with the internal functioning of the school.

We are open to your proposals so as to adapt the tasks to your profile and interests, as we are conscious of the opportunity that this offers us, not only for our students, but also for all the education community. A mentor shall be appointed, who will be responsible for welcoming you and assuring your integration into the school and local community and this teacher will be key point of contact in the school. They will send the Erasmus documentation on the school and the local area, meet and greet you on arrival, allow time to settle in and help in the integration into the local community, among other things.

If you’re interested in our internships, send us your full CV and application letter and specify the duration and dates of your placement in our school to [email protected].

No financial compensation


Teacher Assistant, English, German, VET  
English: Independent User B2