Technical-Commercial Consultant

Engineering and/or Technology
1 Jan, 2021 to 1 Jan, 2022
1 Dec, 2020

General information

12 months

FSGROUP Consulting is opening a new branch in Germany. We need a German structural engineer to come to Spain to be trained in our team. Then, he will be sent along with one of our engineers back to Germany, to work in our new office.


  • To carry out previous analysis (with the tasks derivated from the latter), with efficiency and precision, of the different projects carried out in the department, offering structural approaches and initial readings to the clients.
  • To join the commercial manager into meetings or go alone to meetings with the client in order to establish base criteria of structural design for the subsequent executive development of the different projects.
  • To transmit to the production department the needs of a project, as well as to the team responsible of the project, supported by the documents designed in FSGROUP Consulting for that effect.
  • To discuss with client in order to transmit the complications emerged during the development of a project.
  • To modelize a structure using Revit Structure. LOD 100.
  • To meet with representatives or commercial department teams in order to analyze the path of the different projects, as well as possible opportunities and risks of the latter.
  • To define project deadlines based on the dimensions of the project, the necessities of the company, as well as production availabilities.
  • To discuss with clients; phone calls and in-person meetings for the development and the definition of projects.
  • To carry out approaches, studies and calculation of structures in order to edentify the best structural solution for each project.
  • To write reports of conclusions associated to the previous structural studies, identifying accurately the structural execution costs.
  • To prepare the document of strategy and requirements.
  • To give support to the production department, if required.
  • To attend requirements or solve issues via telephone, mail or any other medium of communication.
  • To attend the demand of questions of the production team.
  • To finalize projects and report to the commercial manager.
  • To inform the technical manager of the necessity of new elements in the library.
  • To specify commercial arrangements associated to his/her job and to report them to his/her superior.
  • To have iniciative in order to make a memory of the process of his/her work and report the conversations/meetings/requirements in the Resource Planning program.
  • To have solvency in order to affirm technical questions.
  • To execute the tasks of a structural engineer if required by the production manager.
  • To facilitate the operativeness of the office and logistics, if required.


Hard skills:

  • To know how to use CYPE CAD
  • To know how to use CYPE 3D
  • To value the implications in the modification structure in architecture.
  • To know the objectives and the technical scope of each project.
  • To know the commercial objectives and the commercial scope of each project.
  • To know the market prices.
  • To know the different structural typologies developed habitually by the production department with ease.
  • To know the situation of the markets and the possible markets of FSGROUP Consulting.
  • To know the particular situation of each member of the company.


Soft skills:

  • Ability to design.
  • Ability to communicate.
  • Ability to investigate.
  • Ability to carry out multiple and simultaneous tasks.
  • Ability to learn fast and effectively.
  • Ability to empathize with others.


Being 1 the least exigible and 5 the most:

  • Adaptability and resilience against changes: 5
  • Self learning: 5
  • Autonomy and decision-making: 3
  • Analysis and synthesis: 5
  • Oral communication: 4
  • Written communication: 3
  • Direction of people: 2
  • Delegation: 2
  • Priority establishment: 4
  • Interpersonal relationships establishment: 4
  • Leadership: 3
  • Result-orientation: 5
  • Negotiation and persuation: 5
  • Planning and organization: 4
  • Teamwork: 3


Spanish: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: